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To add a bit of inspiration to your Monday morning, we asked four professional photographers for tips on upping our photography game. They came up with some solid advice.

Justin de Reuck
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Shoot your passion. If you hate working with brides, don’t shoot weddings ─ it shows in your photography. I love aircraft and aviation, it’s in my blood, and when I’m taking pictures of aircraft it’s the most enjoyable thing I can do ─ I love it. Photography is about evoking an emotion in an image.

Anesh Debiky
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We are bombarded with information from all directions: print, internet, social media and books. This is fantastic for building up knowledge to improve your photography. But at the end, try and develop your own style and signature. Emulating the great photographers is one thing but also let your images show the individual that you are.

Also, at the end of any photoshoot try and spend less time in front of the computer than you spent behind the camera. Keep images authentic and real with your photography knowledge and not your Photoshop skills.

Andrew Aveley
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Many people rely on post processing to get the effects they want. I use the Picture Style settings in camera to limit the time needed afterwards. By using the free Canon DPP software it speeds up the use of this as you move forward into any other third party programs. With Canon's algorithms the colour and tonal ranges are near perfect already and only minor tweaks are needed for output use. As it is mainly a RAW processor it does have creative limitations that are only found in third party programs.

Dave Hann
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You’re only as good as your last job, I receive around 80% of my business through referral work. If you do the job right first time round for a client, deliver on time, and provide quality images or video, you are guaranteed further business and referrals. The business of running a photography business is just as important as the photography, since you need to focus on all aspects in order to grow your client base.

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