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As a wildlife and nature photographer, Brendon Jennings has spent ours in the bush behind a camera since he is also guide in a game reserve. While other pros in our Canon series had some difficulties to pick a lens, Jennings didn’t hesitate to quickly call the favourite lens in his bag.  

Brendon Jennings: My favourite lens is an easy one: the Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM II Super Telephoto lens. Working in a private game reserve I find 300mm a perfect focal length to photograph wildlife since I can get portrait images where needed and also position myself further away to include more of the environment.

I love the aperture - it gives a creamy smooth background and makes the subject pop, while also allowing for shooting around and often just after sunset. Furthermore, the 300mm also focuses quickly to track action.  

The weather sealing helps in inclement weather and on windy dusty days, in fact it has even survived a quick dip in a river, not something I'd like to try again! The sturdy construction means it survives the rigours of daily shooting (and myself) for years. 

Finally, I find the optics incredibly sharp and the stabilisation system useful for motion blur images and low light. 

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