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Most of us grew up playing video games with simple graphics on box-shape TVs, never imagining how technology would change the way we experience our favourite hobby. Along with the explosion of innovation in this industry, game developers have taken up the challenge to create the best-looking games to complement the TV’s built-in features and enable a realistic, next-gen gaming experience that would’ve blown away your younger self!

With crisper graphics, lower response rate, and quick sync, more and more people are itching to play the latest games, unwind, and catch up with friends on social channels like Discord and Live streaming chats. In South Africa, the value of the video game industry is estimated to reach R5.44 billion in 2023, illustrating just how important games are to our people. But, without the proper hardware, these grade-A games won’t give you quite the same immersion as a screen that’s been designed to bring these fictional worlds to life.

Pull up a chair for LG, the global leader in OLED technology. Specifically designed with gamers’ interests, wants, and needs in mind, the LG OLED outperforms every competitor. One of the newest models, the LG OLED evo C2 series, is decked with 4K display features and 120 Hz, which lets gamers play at max resolution. NVIDIA G-Sync cuts down screen tearing, stuttering, and juddering for smoother game play – especially during fast-paced games. Not to mention all the other benefits the LG OLED is known for, like its self-lit pixels that light up individually for accurate picture quality and Dolby Atmos for deeper, immersive sound.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or are just starting out, the best way to discover if the LG OLED evo C2 is worth your time is by watching reviews and hearing credible sources provide their honest opinion.

That’s why we got in touch with South African content creator, game reviewer and all-round entertainment lover, Super Dave, to get his take on the latest OLED in the range.

A jaw-dropping upgrade for your entertainment area

The LG OLED evo C2 offers deeper blacks and sensational colour thanks to millions of pixels running individually in the background. It’s these self-lit pixels that make pictures appear clearer, more realistic, and in greater detail.

How does a good TV play into your everyday life?

“I use my TV every day to play games and watch sports, news, and movies. It’s an important part of my home and the first device I switch on after a long day of adulting. The C2’s display is way better than my old TV’s, so I was blown away when I finally sat down to play a game on the PS5.

“After watching Avatar, I boasted to a friend about how good it looks on the C2! The C2’s OLED display is out of this world. It’s very beautiful and definitely levels up my home’s entertainment area.”

Greater control of your favourites

With the LG Magic Remote, you can control your entertainment line-up simply by clicking, scrolling, or using the unique LG Voice Mate speech recognition technology. It even acts as a mouse cursor. Swish the remote around to select and run content on the Smart TV and conveniently access all your favourite types of entertainment.

Do you use the Magic Remote to easily navigate through apps?

“It’s very cool. I guess LG is turning us into Harry Potter. You can still use the remote traditionally, but the Magic Remote feels good in my hands.”

Best gaming TV of 2023

Apart from the more obvious gaming features of the OLED range, such as its 0.1 ms response time, NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility, and AMD FreeSync Premium, the Game Optimizer feature makes it super easy to adjust your game settings for the best possible experience.

What are your favourite features on the OLED evo C2 when playing games?

“The Game Optimizer is the best feature by far - that’s when the TV goes into a league of its own. You can view your games’ VRR and change the settings to allow the TV to choose the best picture quality for the game you’re playing. It’s a perfect match for the PS5 and Xbox Series X as it gives you the opportunity to get the most out of this generation of consoles. Game Optimizer makes sure that every gaming genre is catered to. Everyone who plays on PC and current-gen consoles will be happy with the C2.

“I’ve been itching to test out the new God of War on PS5. Hogwarts Legacy is also a game I’m looking forward to playing later this year.” 

Easy on the eyes

With its narrow bezels, the OLED evo C2 is a thing of beauty. Slim, uncomplicated, and stylish, it’s the easiest way to add a modern element to your gaming cave.

What are your thoughts on the design of the OLED evo C2?

“It’s very slick and beautiful. The C2’s display is super thin and sits wonderfully on its stand.”

A bit more about Super Dave

Super Dave’s first venture as a gaming content creator started in 2015 when he launched his blog, ‘The Idiot’s Guide To Gaming’. Based on the success of the blog, he was asked to host a gaming segment on YFM on Sunday nights and, later on, the station’s breakfast show. Next, he delved into TV and became a regular contributor on Frenzy, a youth lifestyle show on eTV, before making the move to YouTube.

How did your time on radio prepare you to dish the deets on all things tech?

“The beauty of radio is that you have to be well informed about what you are talking about before you switch on the microphone. I did a lot of research on the tech and games I talked about and learned that you have to deliver content in an entertaining manner. It’s an art that takes years of experience.”

How was it meeting fans and other gaming enthusiasts at the LG Raceway activation at Comic Con Africa 2022?

“The LG Raceway is one of my favourite activations. It gave me an opportunity to interact with those who support me on my various platforms, and allowed me to put a face to a social media handle. It was also a great opportunity for fans to experience LG’s various products and win cool prizes. I enjoy it a lot!”

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