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WIN with Durable! We are looking for SA's dirties PC or keyboard. Found out how here.

 With research stating that there are 7500 bacteria per swab on your keyboard, 2100 more than a toilet seat, don’t you think it’s about time to give it a good clean? Durable has solutions for this, and dirty PCs in general.

German company Durable’s range of PC cleaning products covers all the vital areas of PC hygiene. This includes taking care of sticky finger marks on new touchscreens, or keyboards that have built up such a collection of crumbs one could think you worked in the Bakers biscuit factory.

Two things about Durable’s range of cleaning solutions are worth noting. Firstly, they are alcohol free, which allows for less streaking wipes on LCD TVs, photocopies, monitors, and smartphone and tablet screens. The alcohol-free solution also doesn’t interfere with the anti-glare coating that many notebooks come with. Their Superclean swipes and spray also come with Bact-o-clean, an anti-microbial additive, which, according to the company, is 99.9% effective against germs and viruses.

Durable Screenclean 50 and Superclean 50   

Durable’s Superclean 50 consists of cleaning wipes for plastic surfaces, and is meant for keyboards, PC cases, and LCD bezels. Superclean’s Bact-o-clean antibacterial additive is effective against viruses including the common cold, E-coli, Salmonella and influenza viruses. Once again, 50 packets are available, which should sort out the office’s dirty PCs.

If you are intending to only clean displays, the Screenclean 50 solution is a great option for offices beset by dust or where touchscreen notebooks have been implemented. It helps in both making screens spotless, as well as in reducing static for further built-up.

Durable PC Clean Kit

If your PC needs an extreme clean after months of neglect, then you better get yourself the PC Clean Kit. What you will find inside will leave your PC or notebook spotless, as it includes 125 ml Superclean fluid; 125 ml Screenclean fluid; 20x lint-free cloths, 2x keyboard swabs, and 2x keyboard cleaners. The keyboard swabs and cleaners ensure you can get to the real muck stuck between keys, while it can also be reused if washed properly.

Durable Laptop Cleaning Kit

If your notebook needs constant cleaning, an investment in the Durable Laptop Cleaning Kit is a good idea. The kit includes 25 ml of Screencleen and a microfiber cloth. This should keep your keyboard, screen and housing clean and presentable for important meetings.

About Silveray Stationery Company

SSC, the distributor of Durable, is one of the largest manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers of stationery and office products in SA. SSC is synonymous with the Croxley brand founded in 1893 and is a proudly Bidvest company that employs nearly 800 people across a national infrastructure of branches.  


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