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One of the market leaders when it comes to safeguarding consumer devices from cyber threats, Kaspersky Lab pays painstaking attention to ensure each iteration of its software can offer users peace of mind, as well as cater to a multitude of different devices. 

The company's recently released Kaspersky Internet Security - multi- device 2017 is no different, with a number of newly integrated features (along with a couple of old ones) included into the software to ensure all round protection. With the list of all the benefits too long to run through in one go, we've picked five that stand out above the rest, as highly noteworthy for consumers to be aware of when picking out their next piece of security software.

1. One license to rule them all

It's only a handful of users, the slightly-OCD ones, which stick to one brand or operating system for all the technology and devices they use day to day. Instead, it's far more common to have a multitude of products and operating systems at your disposal. As such, you'll need a piece of internet security software that caters to them all. This is one of the most significant elements of Kaspersky's Internet Security –multi - device 2017. 

Like the name says, it covers both Windows PC and Mac (OS X 10.9), going as far back as Windows XP Home for the former. Mobile devices are also taken care of, with iOS (8.0 and above), Android (4.0 or better), as well as Windows Phone (8 and higher), ensuring all smartphones and tablets all accounted for. One thing to note is that this solution protects up to five devices per year. 

2. Keeping prying eyes away 

One aspect of cyber threats that's always tough to protect against, is the fact that users are often unaware it is happening and completely oblivious about who is able to view your sensitive data. Kaspersky Internet Security – multi - device 2017's privacy features ensure that this is no longer a concern.     

While Kaspersky still advocates discretion on the part of its users, it also leaves them safe in the knowledge that no prying eyes have access to said data. As such, phishing emails are safeguarded against, along with preventing your online activities from being monitored, as well as blocking any unauthorised access to your device's webcam. The latter is particularly important, as it is a malicious attack method few people are aware of.

3. Co-parenting

The internet can be an awesome place to gain knowledge and learn, but it also carries many dangers, especially for young children. While parents can only do so much to ensure their kids don't interact with any harmful material online, Kaspersky is able to lend a helping hand.

Think of Kaspersky Internet Security – multi - device 2017 as having another virtual parent in the room when you're not physically able to be there. To that end, Kaspersky's software is not only able to block access to restricted sites across any of the signed up devices, but also facilitate managing your child's social media messaging platforms. This has multiple benefits, as it can help parents identify any signs of cyberbullying early, which is vital should your kid be the victim, or worse yet, the instigator.  

4. Checking the vitals 

This solution is superb at securing devices, but it also has the added advantage of ensuring your PC, tablet or smartphone performs as designed. Too often a user experience hampered by software that slows down the speed or multitasking capabilities of the device, which tends to make people less likely to want to have the software in place.

That's not a concern for Kaspersky products, as the performance of computers, notebooks and mobile devices is never stifled, instead running smoothly and efficiently in the background. 

5. A digital butler

No one wants to be checking in with dashboards or system settings the whole time on their newly secured device, particularly when you're trying to get some work done, or more importantly play games. 

With this in mind, Kaspersky Lab develop its own simple, and easy to operate My Kaspersky account to take care of things remotely. Only when there is an issue, will users be notified to take action. Which is the way internet security software should be. Furthermore, the My Kaspersky account can be accessed from any device that's signed up to the software. 

Quick and simple

No longer is the PC or notebook the sole piece of technology in need of security. With tablets and smartphones joining the digital ecosystem too, the need is dire for a piece of software that can handle all of it. Capable of handling all your devices and then some, Kaspersky Internet Security - multi-device 2017 is not only secure, but quick and painless to setup and use.    

For more information about Kaspersky Internet Security - multi-device 2017, head here.

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