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by Mynhardt van Pletsen

Taking our cue from a slew of bespeckled celebrities, here's some examples of how you can not only earn some much needed style points, but also increase your perceived level of intelligence.

The Clark Kent

If the perfect combination of geekism and mystery

Glasses for geeks, fashion for geeks

is your thing, look no further than the man of steel's subtle tortoise shell beauties. A strong frame to keep his piercing gaze in check, yet subtle enough to keep them guessing.

David Green, Leaf Collection @ R1 400

The Buddy Holly

The vintage retro look of these over-sized

frames yell fun and festivities. So if you want to show Peggy Sue your wild side, with a hint of artistic inclination, take these bad boys for a ride.

Ray Ban, Legends Collection @ R1 800

The John Lennon

Getting a little more pensive, these iconic sha

John Lennon glasses, glass styles

pes immediately communicate your contemplative take on the world, without getting too serious. Wear these to your next anti-establishment demonstration to show the world that we do indeed need something more than just love - we also need swagger.

Cube Series @ R850

The Steve Jobs

Bordering over into the exclusive domain of the intellectual elite, these frameless options are reserved for the seasoned and experienced spectacle wearer only. This minimalist trickery made famous by the legendary Mr. Jobs, is some subtle commentary on our over complicated perspective on how the world works. Wear only with a black polo neck, always approach with caution.

Free Form Collection @ R2 400

The Elton John

Elton john glasses, geeky glasses, fashion for geeks

Not much more to say here, except that we all need some form of emotional prop now and then to help us forget about the seriousness of it all. We're not going to give ourselves away by telling you where we spotted these, but if you ever happen on a store that sells crazy in bulk, be sure to stock up for your next cocktail party.

* All spectacles and styles are in stock at Vision Corner Optometrists, Glen Village, Pretoria.


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