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Thabang Madiba has certainly carved a name out for himself in the local trail running scene since winning both the 2013 and 2014 SA Long Distance Trail Running Championships. TechSmart chatted to him about his running and the new TomTom Adventurer he has been using.

TechSmart: Most runners compete in road races. How did you manage to end up doing trail running?

Thabang Madiba: It all started in 2009 when I won my first ever trail running race. I guess I was born to be a mountain goat because the only event I really enjoyed was cross country, which is a good introduction to trail running.

TS: The TomTom Adventurer has been specifically designed for outdoor ventures such as trail running. How has it improved your running?

TM: Firstly, it is easy to use and certainly not complicated. I set it to notify me at every kilometre, which helps me to schedule my nutrition on time during the race.

Secondly, I always experience altitude sickness, and now with the Adventurer I can track my altitude. This allows me to see when I need to hydrate, since to minimise the chances of altitude sickness I need to do so before reaching the highest point. The fact that it includes a heart rate monitor on my wrist also makes my running simple.

TS: Do you use the heart rate monitoring during training and races? How has it proved helpful?

TM: For a start in the morning I check it to track my health. I don't concentrate much on it during training and racing, but I do review it after and trace at which part of the race my heart rate was high. That guides me whether I'm strong or need to work hard on my speed or my up run.

TS: What are your goals in regards to your running for next year?

TM: There are races that I still have unfinished business with and it will sooth my heart to go back and do well. Then also to take my training to the next level and invest more time in it. I believe that different types of training will certainly help to do so.

TS: Are there any specific races you want to compete in internationally still?

TM: Going back to Racing Madagascar is a must, plus I'm looking forward to World Mountain Running Association Long Distance World Championships if it will be possible for South Africa to send a team.

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