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With remote working quickly becoming a norm in the professional world, it was only a matter of time before distance learning stepped up to the next level, and now Learnfast is pioneering a new path with its Assisted Distance Learning.

It’s not difficult to conceive of a society in which both bricks and mortar classrooms and steel and glass offices have been all but replaced by the internet. Indeed, remote working is already adopted by many companies, and learning has long since passed the stage of simply imparting knowledge; today’s learning is even more about preparing students for today’s working world, in which almost every industry is finding itself being forced to adapt and even evolve in its own unique way.

Learnfast and learn easy

Pushing this vision even further into pragmatic reality is Learnfast, which has now combined the best parts of in-class training, distant/correspondence learning and online self-paced learning, to create a unique and effective Assisted Distance Learning offering. Along with the fact that a student’s progress is managed online, all Virtual Classroom sessions are recorded and made available for download afterwards. This is valuable, particularly for users who may not be able to attend the online help sessions as they occur, as it means they can still watch them afterwards, at their own time. It also means that students can watch these sessions repeatedly, for maximum absorption.

By your side

Learnfast’s approach is significant for several reasons, perhaps the most enticing being that it means students can study wherever they are, and at their convenience, but without the sense of isolation that could arise for some when partaking in e-learning courses.

Thus, students effectively have the best of both worlds – they don’t need to attend a class in person, which could otherwise present problems to students who live in remote areas or in locations far from a Learnfast training centre. At the same time though, Learnfast’s Assisted Distance Learning approach takes cognisance of and addresses that sense of live interaction and hands-on help which is so invaluable to students as they grapple with a new, perhaps unfamiliar, topic.

Indeed, Learnfast provides this sense of being guided from the beginning, as new students are given an orientation session when they register, which familiarises them with the program and the virtual classroom sessions. Students will be required to view at least one of these per week, as they address frequently asked questions and difficult topics. No less important is the application of help being constantly at hand; with students able to submit their questions online, participate in the online forums and ask their instructor for assistance during virtual classrooms sessions.

Furthermore, the Learnfast program assigns students with their own personal tutor, who is an expert in the student’s field of study. At present, Learnfast’s Assisted Distance Learning programs run the gamut from general computing courses (Microsoft Office Excel beginners, intermediate and advanced) to CAD and graphics programs (AutoCAD Essentials, Autodesk Revit Architecture, Essentials and Adobe Photoshop for beginners). Also available is the Microsoft SQL Server for Beginners and the three day Project Management Bundle course, which consists of Project Management Fundamentals; MS Project Planning Phase 1 and MS Project Managing and Executing.

To learn more, or to register:

call 011-262-2054; or


A virtual classroom is an online space in which both students and the teacher/lecturer is online and participating in the course material at the same time. This means they can interact with each other, in real time, with students asking, and the lecturer responding, to queries as they arise. To cater to students, Learnfast’s Virtual Classroom sessions are held twice a week, and are also recorded and made available for download to view at a later date.


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