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It’s a cool summer morning on the Highveld and your four ball stares on as you size up the fairway. Newly polished three wood in hand, this is your chance to impress your colleagues. While your game might be lacking, at least our equipment rundown will ensure you look the part.

Tools of the trade

When teeing off from the box, Cobra’s BiO Cell Driver (R4 000) should be your first port of call, providing maximum distance while increasing the degree of control and forgiveness, thanks to a large sweet spot. The BiO Cell integrates a unique pocket within the driver head to remove weight from the clubface and improve ball strikes.

Once you make your way onto the fairway, an all-purpose well-rounded range of irons are also a worthwhile investment, ensuring your short game is precise and efficient. One of our favourites is the Callaway Apex Pro Steel set (R14 500), providing forged carbon steel bodies with a thinner than normal clubface, making them a great acquisition regardless of your handicap.

Finally, to sink that all-important 10-footer with consummate ease, we suggest the Wilson Vizor (R1 300) putter which features an I-Lock system that brings the golfer’s line of sight directly over the ball while putting.

Added extras

As with most things, it’s some good accessories that makes playing just that bit easier. For example, the right choice of glove makes all the difference in terms of grip strength and durability, and ensures that your hands stay free of calluses come Monday morning. Again, there are a plethora of options out there, but Callaway’s X-Spann gloves (R250) are real standouts, providing both comfort and control.

One of the most vitally important accessories is a stylish golf bag. For this we’re quite fond of Ping’s Staff Bag (R8 000), which is fitted with a six-way reinforced top to house all your clubs, as well as plenty of compartments and space to carry anything else you’ll need to last through 18 holes.

Not all Golf balls are created equal, and Nike’s RZN (R43) offering are one of the best options out there, thanks to their interlocking core design to provide greater speed through the air and distance to boot.

Finding your way

The world of tech has also joined the world of golf, with a number of rangefinders, course mappers and GPS watches proving welcome aids to one’s golfing arsenal. If you’re looking for a trusty handheld range-finder, we’d suggest the Approach G7 from Garmin (R4 900), packed with the company’s GPS technology and a nifty 2.6” multi-touch display.

Should you wish something a little sleeker, the soon-to- be released TomTom Golfer (R4 000) might be more up your alley, serving up a trusty and easyto- use wrist option that will not impede your game. With an estimated 34 000 international golf courses pre-loaded onto it, the Golfer can also direct you to the nearest course, if you want to squeeze in a nine hole game.


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