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Take two parts humour and mix it with one part disturbing, and no doubt, this will be the result. takes a somewhat darker, more twisted view of the motivational industry. It takes those up-and-at’em motivational posters, that usually feature a fantastic photo or piece of art, and adds a more cynical quote (on government for example: Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reason). Provided you have a sense of humour, you will actually find plenty of levity here. is essentially a social network for people who want to make a difference in one way or another. The site allows you to follow and connect with idealists and organisations on a variety of topics, including the environment, animals, technology, pets, global citizenship, or a topic of your creation. Additionally, after a brief registration, users can find ‘good things to do’ and add them to a to-do list. If nothing else, visiting the site will leave you with a renewed sense of hope in humankind.

Feature Shoot

If you have fond memories of the photo features that took pride of place in magazines the likes of Life, then Feature Shoot is a website you will definitely want to check out. The site is dedicated, first and foremost, to the art and craft of photography. The site is host to a variety of photographic genres, such as editorial and fashion, to travel, landscape and nature, and everything inbetween, such as still life, portraiture and conceptual. Go there now, and then visit

Dear Blank Please Blank

This seemingly oddly named site is so for a good reason – it invites visitors to write anonymous letters to whoever they choose about whatever topic they wish. The result? Often poignant, insightful and profound points or revelations, made in letter form, such as the letter to cancer, or the one to a fallen soldier. Also to be found is a fair share of humour and snark, for when you want a brief mood lift.


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