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Smart appliances − from dishwashers to fridges − can make a world of difference when it comes to taking control of your kitchen, and feeling like you have another set of hands. LG is a prime example of a premium appliance manufacturer that puts customer convenience first.

LG’s ThinQ app has been designed to turn your phone into a control hub that monitors and manages all your LG appliances when you’re on the go. You only need to download the app, connect your wifi-enabled LG appliances on your app, and you’re ready to go.  

A smart appliance combination would include LG’s Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer, QuadWash TrueSteam Dishwasher, and InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge. They all come with LG’s ThinQ technology, guaranteed to introduce convenience, and customisation.

A new standard of energy-saving, healthy drying, and convenient tech

If you have little ones in the house or a large family that goes through multiple daily wardrobe changes, you’ll know what a difference a tumble dryer can make – especially if you don’t have space to hang the washing or it’s too damp outside. LG’s Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer features Eco Hybrid technology that lets your choose between faster drying or energy saving mode.

You also have the benefit of Sensor Dry that has sensors inside the drum that detect the amount of moisture in the drum, automatically tailoring the programme and length of the cycle based on the sensor reading. The result? Better drying and enhanced energy efficiency. With the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to start a dry cycle and get notifications when it’s done.

A combination of tech for the cleanest dishes

Have you been left with a sink full of dishes, and difficult-to-clean casserole and wine glasses after a get-together? It’s time to say goodbye to soaking, scrubbing and rinsing dishes by hand with the LG QuadWash TrueSteam Dishwasher.

Featuring TrueSteam, QuadWash and EasyRack Plus technology, you’ll never have to dread the aftermath of a dinner party again. You can rest assured that your dishes, stemware, and cutlery will come out sparkling clean without annoying water spots making an appearance. And, thanks to LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor, you don’t have to worry about a noisy dishwasher rattling away in your kitchen. Because it has fewer moving parts, you get reliable performance from one of the quietest dishwashers in its class.

With the LG ThinQ app, you can download additional wash cycles specific to your load. On top of that, the Machine Clean Reminder will let you know when it’s time to run a cleaning cycle.  

Delivering the latest in refrigerator innovation

In today’s day and age, it’s probably safe to assume that a fridge has become an essential home appliance.

The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Fridge is an investment for your home and a step closer to a sustainable lifestyle. By knocking twice on the sleek glass panel, the contents on the inside will be illuminated. This not only means you’ll be able to get a quick overview of everything on the inside, but food will also stay fresher for longer which means less food waste.  

It comes with smart storage systems and includes easy-access compartments for your favourite snacks and beverages, as well as a retractable shelf for taller items. The SpacePlus Ice System has been built into the freezer door, meaning you can use your whole top shelf. And, with the ThinQ app, you can remotely adjust temperature settings, so your fridge and freezer are ready and waiting for the latest grocery haul. 

Purchasing new home appliances can be costly and require research into the best fit for your needs – not only today, but also into the future. So consider the appliances that are leading innovation and already incorporate smart features such as the LG ThinQ-connected range.


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