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For those seeking optimal performance in their Wi-Fi connectivity, using the best hardware is paramount. Enter the ZyXEL AMG1312-T10B Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-port Gateway. 

A large contributing factor to how stable and speedy one’s in-home or business Wi-Fi connectivity is, is determined by the strength of the gateway or router being used. To this end, the ZyXEL AMG1312-T10B, which runs the 802.11n standard, has a number of impressive features, starting with enabling its users to achieve data rates of up to 300 Mbps. This makes it ideal for those seeking high speedy delivery of data and multimedia. Furthermore, the gateway addresses another critical issue in homes and business alike, by eliminating dead zones - areas in which the connected solution does not or cannot reach and thus Wi-Fi connectivity becomes unavailable. 

Just in case

The gateway also boasts a failover feature, and can revert to optional 3G connectivity should there be a DSL outage. Internet traffic would then be temporarily routed through a 3G dongle plugged into the USB port, and automatically switch back to DSL once the regular broadband service resumes. The company reassured that the AMG1312-T10B works with most 3G dongles from mobile broadband service providers. A frequently updated patch file list enables users to simply download the relevant patch file from the global website in order to use mobile broadband services with little fuss. 

The ZyXEL AMG1312-T10B further boasts essential Quality of Service (QoS) features. This enables users to design their QoS policies and prioritise critical services such as IPTV and VoIP (Voice Over IP), specifying exactly what service is given priority for the most data. What’s notable is that this is a feature typically reserved for enterprise or large business, but similarly enables residential users to enjoy increased network efficiency and enhanced productivity. No less important is that the product is also backward compatible with any IEEE 802.11 b/g certified device, and supports multiple SSIDs with individual security settings. 

With Wi-Fi remaining an essential means for many of connecting numerous devices to the internet, the humble gateway with failover is a key component in enjoying unbridled, reliable and speedy connectivity.

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Article first appearead in TechSmart 130, July 2014.


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