By Mike Joubert 26 June 2009


So how much personal data do you have stored on your smartphone?

These days it might include your email, phonebook, SMS history, personal documents, browsing history, Facebook and those photos taken at last year’s Xmas party. What happens if it falls into the wrong hands?

Kaspersky identified this problem and came up with Mobile Security 8.0. It is an extremely powerful package which left us both relaxed and relieved after installation.

With SMS-Block for example you can send a SMS to your stolen phone that immediately blocks the device from usage. SMS-Find sends the coordinates of your phone (if the GPS is active) to both your email and the phone you sent the SMS from. It also includes SMS-Clean to erase data off the phone, and SIM-Watch to notify you if a new SIM was inserted by sending you the number and blocking the device.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 has a RRP of R275 for a 1 year license. For more info contact <a data-cke-saved-href="\" href="\&quot;" \"="">sales at Biodata on 011-234-3650.

It offers a host of anti-theft, antivirus and data encryption features.
After installation Kaspersky screens pop up as soon as you receive an SMS. Irritating.

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