By Thomas McKinnon 31 October 2008


Prevx CSI (Computer Security Investigator) is an extremely efficient malware scanner. It can be downloaded for free to run scans on your PC for rootkit, spyware, trojan and virus infections. Once installed it only takes about a minute to scan your PC. 

The good bit about this software, or should we say the good bits, is the fact that you only purchase it to fix or remove infected files. Malware diagnosis is free! In addition it can be used in conjunction with other anti-virus programs out there such as BitDefender, McAfee or Norton. So why should you use two AV programs?

Well, besides the obvious backup protection it provides, Prevx CSI is a rather unique AV in that it does not use signatures to identify malware but rather behaviour. This method of identifying malware is know as ‘Herd Intelligence’ which benefits from the fact that more than 2 million people have already downloaded Prevx CSI. Thus Prevx may pick up malware that other AV programs miss. Basically Prevx has collected a database of details on more than 3.5 million infected files, collected from the ‘herd’, and releases protections for approximately 500 000 new infections every month based on the behaviour of files used by the ‘herd’. Very clever indeed!

The only issues you may encounter is the fact that you need an always on Internet connection and Prevx is hosted on an international server, so running out of international bandwidth would be problematic for effective scanning.

Download a free trial version of  Prevx CSI, as an add on solution to your current Internet Security Software, go to For more info contact Q-LAN Network Solutions on 012-991-0902 or

It can be used in parallel to other antivirus software and runs incredible quickly.
It only offers minimal realtime protection.

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