By Andrew Gould 1 April 2009


Ever had the inclination to do some ­re-modeling, but couldn’t, because you have zero artistic ­abilities at all and ­probably wouldn’t even know where to start? 

Imagine Pro 8, Home & Landscape Design Software, should make the task considerably easier as no skill is required at all.

The process to completing the plan for the renovations to your house is made simple in Imagine Pro 8. Firstly, you take a good photo of the exterior of your house, or the area you wish to remodel. You then outline the areas you wish to change, renovate or replace. Then you can pick from hundreds of items from the image library. These can be anything from fences, plants or lighting to hot-tubs.

Once you’ve got your basic design you can check out a before and after view. You can then go back and make any final changes. Once you’re sure that you have what you want you can view a shopping list of the stuff you’ll need and calculate the costs.

Imagine Pro 8 is not only limited to exteriors though. There are also a variety of indoor options to choose from. We really like the documentation that comes with the product, including an extensive product manual as well as video tutorials. R495 (incl VAT) from Holton & Associates on 011-789-6181.

The software is incredibly simple to use and offers a decent set of tools.
It lacks 3D capabilities.

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