By Thomas McKinnon 25 July 2008


Many a ‘bucket list’ includes the goal of learning a foreign language.

Problem is by the time your brain starts to rot- the day you leave school- learning a new language becomes progressively more difficult. Short of going to France or Italy the best way to learn a new language is to see it in action.

Buying audio tapes or “German in an hour a-day” handbooks more often than not are a waste of good money as the study materials generally get misplaced or sidelined. We live in an electronic age; it therefore only makes good sense to learn a new language via a multimedia platform.

The Transparent Language Series is the best we’ve come across yet. The software allows learners to choose an immersion environment that suits their scholastic idiosyncrasies best. Choose between fully manageable video, text, audio and graphic learning applications. Better still enjoy all platforms simultaneously. You are also given the opportunity to interact; practice your pronunciation, role play and perform a variety of activities that flex your language muscles. A word to the wise though, time and effort is not included in the box. The Transparent Language Series is available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Get it for R399 Phoenix Software

It offers some excellent teaching tools and is very interactive.
The speech recognition and progress tracking tools are not very effective.

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