By Andrew Gould 5 August 2009


Most computers you buy these days will come with some kind of burning software, which might be adequate for writing the odd CD here and there, but if you really want to do more you might want a suite of software to do more than just copy from one place to another.

Roxio has long been a Mac fan\'s product of choice for burning software and is also available on PC. We tried out the top of the heap, Titanium Pro, that is armed to the teeth with features and functionality.  Roxio brands this package as "Burn, Copy, Listen, Watch" and Pro lets you do that and far more. We found the interface to be intuitive and quite easy to use. It seems software developers have moved away from thousands of buttons to a simpler, "doing things well" approach.

Toast Pro includes all the features that the standard versions do, but you can also create soundtracks for your movies, remove unwanted noise, burn Blu-ray discs and create HD slideshows. R1799 incl VAT, call 0861-PHOENIX.

HD video so you can burn Blu-ray discs. Enhanced photo, audio and video editing capabilities.
It\'s a pricey package especially if you already have a more recent version like 8 or 9.

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