By Andrew Gould 7 August 2008


Desktop publishing became a buzzword in the late nineties, with the promise of professional quality document design and layout being at the fingertips of “every man” with a PC.

This, of course ,turned out to be a steaming load of marketing speak for programs that claimed to do it all, but were difficult and often impossible to use and about as compatible with other applications as a Victorian bathing costume on a nudist beach. Luckily times have changed and there are some very good quality products available; the Home Creativity Suite from Serif is one of them. The package consists of three software applications that include PagePlus 10 , a desktop publishing program, PhotoPlus 9 ,the image editing application and a pack of 100 000 graphics images. Also included is a resource CD for each piece of software, armed to the teeth with templates and graphics. PagePlus 10 is one of the few programs that any beginner can use. You can either use the starter wizard to create a new document or, if you ’re feeling confident, you can start from scratch. If you choose the wizard you can create a wide range of publications, from newsletters and posters through to cards, certificates and Websites. Photoshop compatibility is what makes PhotoPlus 9 stand out. You are able to create documents that can be opened in the well-known graphics editing software, which makes sharing files with other people a much less stressful task.PhotoPlus 9 doesn’t have the “flashiness ” of its Adobe counterpart,, but it certainly does a good job overall.

Get the Home Creativity Suite for R460 (incl VAT) from or call Holton &Associates on 011-789-6181 for more info.

This is a very easy to use suite that offers great desktop publishing tools.
The pack doesn???t feature the latest version of each application.

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