Unravelling the latest connectivity trends for the rest of 2022

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2022

Didem Duru, General Manager, Cisco Turkey explains all the ways that connectivity is key to the unfolding and emerging technologies shaping our world. FULL STORY >


'EYE LOVE YOU' - Global TV Festival starts tomorrow

By Press Release 14 April 2022

In line with the launch of their 2022 Global Television Festival taking place from 15 April to 4 May, high-end television brand SKYWORTH brings ground-breaking Flicker Free Technology to market. FULL STORY >


Is ‘Digital’ the new South African currency

By Staff Writer 6 April 2022

Twenty years from now, could the next generation of South Africans look at a bank note like an archaeologist curiously examining a newly discovered artefact of days gone by? FULL STORY >


Driving sales through technology in 2022

By Industry Contributor 4 April 2022

Mandy Duncan, Aruba Country Manager South Africa, highlights how retailers must capatilise on the momentum of transformational activities to build the flexibility that is demanded of businesses today. FULL STORY >


F5 Labs shares five predictions around cybercrime in 2022

By Industry Contributor 15 February 2022

This year will see cybercrime incidents, fallouts, and innovations rise to worrying new levels of sophistication and reach. To make sense of it all, F5 Labs assembled a group of experts to delve into the detail. FULL STORY >


Five Cybersecurity trends we’ll see in 2022

By Industry Contributor 27 January 2022

With the unprecedented rise in digital transformation, we’ve witnessed a blurring of the traditional online perimeters needing to be secured. Garith Peck, Executive Head of Cloud Security at Vodacom Business, explains. FULL STORY >


Preparing for the next disruption: 10 analytics trends to watch in 2022

By Staff Writer 26 January 2022

From AI and curiosity to supply chains and diseases, SAS experts look at the trends set to shape 2022. FULL STORY >


Exploring the future of education: Trends to expect in 2022 and beyond

By Industry Contributor 25 January 2022

As the new year begins, there is much speculation about the quality, availability, and overall direction of education in South Africa. Louise Schoonwinkel unpacks some of the likely trends that may shape the sector. FULL STORY >


Sage advice: Five steps to business success in 2022 and beyond

By Industry Contributor 18 January 2022

Pieter Bensch from Sage offers five proactive steps businesses can implement to grow and thrive in 2022. FULL STORY >


Five digital payment trends to tap into in 2022 according to PayFast

By Press Release 18 January 2022

A focus on frictionless transactions will shape ecommerce trends in 2022. FULL STORY >


A Look At 2022 and Beyond: Technologies That Will Reinvent Our Digital Future

By Industry Contributor 14 January 2022

Dell Technologies' Mohammed Amin offers a review of the technologies that emerged in the year past, and a look ahead at what technologies will shape 2022. FULL STORY >


Aruba’s predictions for the year ahead

By Industry Contributor 14 January 2022

It's a new year, and with every year, comes hopes, fears, plans and predictions. Mandy Duncan from Aruba offers up four of the company's main ones for 2022. FULL STORY >


2022 tech predictions: what to expect in a hybrid working world

By Staff Writer 9 December 2021

What does 2022 hold? Ronald Ravel from Dynabook offers some ideas of what we may have to expect on the tech front. FULL STORY >


How to position your business ahead of the pack in 2022 with six key technologies

By Industry Contributor 8 December 2021

Businesses should focus on six key technological areas which will set businesses apart from the rest and help to ensure long-term longevity, survival and dynamism, according to Farhad Suleman, CEO, SimpliConnect. FULL STORY >


Top 5 global tech trends and how SA businesses can get on board

By Industry Contributor 1 December 2021

By Tim Wood, Executive Head - IS & IT at Vox FULL STORY >

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