Embracing the era of smart, sustainable, and slick buildings

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

Globally, there is a significant drive to achieve a net zero carbon footprint and make buildings more sustainable and energy efficient. But this extends beyond the environment and must incorporate the health and wellbeing of people as... FULL STORY >


Building Resilience through Cybersecurity and Governance for Metaverse Experiences

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

Nicole Reineke, Vice President of Innovation, Iron Mountain, discussing how organisations can build resilience through cybersecurity and governance as Web 3.0 and the creation of the metaverse comes to the fore. FULL STORY >


UA SmartForm adapts for a more perfect fit

By Staff Writer 21 June 2022

Under Armour is kicking It up a notch with the launch of its new SmartForm range. FULL STORY >


Iron Mountain: Turning dark data into bright opportunities

By Staff Writer 13 June 2022

Iron Mountain unpacks how banks and financial services can tap into dark data to create value and open new business opportunities. FULL STORY >


New RUN PUMA x FIRST MILE running gear range made from recycled material

By Staff Writer 8 June 2022

The company is venturing towards sustainability, with its latest effort being RUN PUMA x FIRST MILE, a collection of sustainable running gear featuring pieces made from at least 47% recycled materials. FULL STORY >


Addressing cybersecurity and climate change for a sustainable society

By Industry Contributor 26 May 2022

As leaders from around the world get together at Davos to discuss the critical issues that are impacting the sustainability of our planet and society, they must consider both climate change and cybersecurity as integral to... FULL STORY >


Be on guard as Russia’s war on Ukraine could have global cybersecurity consequences

By Staff Writer 24 May 2022

There is growing concern that the sanctions imposed on Russia could force cyber crime syndicates to think outside the box, potentially leading to a rise in cybercrimes, warns Martin Potgieter, Nclose’s... FULL STORY >


Password management needs a rethink

By Industry Contributor 18 May 2022

By Geshan Naicker, IT Manager at Itec FULL STORY >


Interview with Syspro: Realigning our disrupted supply chains Part 2

By Ryan Noik 10 May 2022

To explore the critical issue of the disrupted supply chain, and what business can do from a digital perspective, Ryan Noik speaks to Mark Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer at Syspro EMEA. FULL STORY >


Realigning our disrupted supply chains Part 1

By Staff Writer 10 May 2022

The recent disruptions in the supply chain affects the country as a whole and everyone who depends on them. Syspro explains the four key themes to realigning them. FULL STORY >


Iron Mountain - Rising to the challenge of data compliance

By Ryan Noik 6 May 2022

South African businesses often need help in managing their information through the entire information life-cycle – from creation to use to disposition and also adhere to stringent regulations. To this end, Iron Mountain recently... FULL STORY >


How the manufacturing and distribution workforce can meet Industry 4.0

By Industry Contributor 3 May 2022

Recovery has forced industries to re-configure supply chains to thrive through disruption, while manufacturers and distributors have had to adapt to digital-first customer journeys. This has had a significant effect on the... FULL STORY >


Unlocking connectivity for SMMEs through cost-effective bundles

By Industry Contributor 26 April 2022

By Arnold Naicker: Senior Manager: SMBS Product Portfolio, Telkom FULL STORY >


Sustainable technology: Small changes for conscious living

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2022

Ahead of Earth Day tomorrow, Paula Sartini reveals how you can reduce your carbon footprint - just by being more conscious of what you are doing with your email. FULL STORY >


The edge and AI – a partnership in smarter computing

By Industry Contributor 20 April 2022

By George Senzere, solutions architect: Secure Power at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >

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