Norton 360 wins in the Product of the Year awards

By Staff Writer 9 February 2011

Norton walks away smiling from the recently held Product of the Year awards, coming out on top in the antivirus software category. FULL STORY >


Wikileaks fuels December spam increase

By Johan Keyter 31 January 2011

Kaspersky Lab's latest spam report shows how trending stories can impact the world's spam circulation. FULL STORY >


Norton Internet Security 2011

By Johan Keyter 10 December 2010

We review the latest antivirus offering from Symantec in the form of Norton Internet Security 2011. FULL STORY >


AVG update crashes computers

By Johan Keyter 3 December 2010

A recent update to the free version of the AVG 2011 antivirus software is causing problems for certain users. FULL STORY >


ZeuS botnet still spreading

By Johan Keyter 5 November 2010

Kaspersky Labs latest malware statistics show the ZeuS botnet is still spreading even after its creators were arrested. FULL STORY >


BitDefender Total Security 2011

By Johan Keyter 28 October 2010

BitDefender's latest security suite, Total Security 2011, includes the protection you'd expect on top of additional features to keep your PC running smoothly. FULL STORY >


New Norton security software steps up the antivirus game

By Johan Keyter 13 October 2010

The latest editions of Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security is available now, helping to protect your PC against threats while ensuring it's running as efficiently as possible. FULL STORY >


Stuxnet worm infects nuclear power plant

By Johan Keyter 27 September 2010

The Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran was recently attacked by a computer worm which some believe may be the work of hostile governments. FULL STORY >


Intel acquires McAfee antivirus

By Johan Keyter 20 August 2010

Intel Corporation goes on a shopping spree to buy McAfee antivirus solutions in a multi billion dollar deal. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

By Johan Keyter 11 August 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is here and looks set to keep your PC experience virus free. FULL STORY >


Virus safe and secure July

By Staff Writer 9 July 2010

Ensuring that you and your family stay protected involves more than just installing an antivirus solution, as you have to look at a more comprehensive internet security program that integrates some parental control functionality. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky PURE announcement

By Hanleigh Daniels 11 May 2010

Kaspersky Lab unveils its Kaspersky PURE integrated solution for the home network, which will protect your network from viruses, worms, hackers and various other menaces from the shady parts of cyberspace. FULL STORY >


Free anti-virus solutions

By Raymond Robinson 12 January 2010

A PC that has been infected with a virus or malware is frustrating and time consuming to fix, but it need not cost you anything. FULL STORY >


Bit Defender Total Security 2010

By Thomas McKinnon 2 October 2009

BitDefender Total Security 2010 provides comprehensive proactive protection against Internet security threats, along with system maintenance and backup. FULL STORY >


Microsoft launch free antivirus app

By Thomas McKinnon 29 September 2009

Microsoft has announced that its free antivirus application, Security Essentials, will be made available for public download today. FULL STORY >

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