J2 Software launches solution aimed at helping SME sector to combat Cyber Threats

By Press Release 14 November 2017

J2 Software has launched a packed solution aimed at helping SME’s get a handle on cyber threats. Cyber-attacks on an SME can have a far harsher long term effect than larger businesses. FULL STORY >


Cyber threats and the CFO

By Press Release 29 September 2016

Given the connectedness of organisations today, cyber security has become a fundamental part of business. Nathan Desfontaines, KPMG’s Cyber Security Manager in South Africa, believes that this environment is challenging CFOs to look differently at operational... FULL STORY >


If whaling is the new phishing, here’s how to protect your organisation’s big phish

By Staff Writer 12 April 2016

One of the largest online security threats to individuals and businesses today doesn’t come from new sophisticated malware tools, but rather from distinctly low-tech phishing and whaling campaigns. FULL STORY >


Fortinet launches Cyber Threat Assessment Program to uncover critical security risks

By Press Release 25 February 2016

Fortinet today unveiled its new Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP) designed to provide organizations a detailed look into the type and amount of cyber threats posing risks to their networks, yet are going... FULL STORY >


BT enhances security portfolio with Darktrace’s cyber threat detection capabilities

By Staff Writer 20 March 2015

BT today announced that it is integrating technology from Darktrace, one of the world’s fastest growing cyber threat defence companies, to deliver next-generation cyber threat detection and intelligence... FULL STORY >


Symantec security info site

By Hanleigh Daniels 11 February 2010

Symantec has launched a new site that provides you with info and strategies to protect yourself from being a victim of cybercrime while scouring the web for news and info on the 2010 Soccer World Cup. FULL STORY >

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