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Enterprise Immune System technology to be integrated in BT’s security offerings

BT today announced that it is integrating technology from Darktrace, one of the world’s fastest growing cyber threat defence companies, to deliver next-generation cyber threat detection and intelligence services to the global market.

Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology, which is capable of detecting sophisticated cyber threats from within enterprise networks, will be added to BT’s security portfolio. The service will be available as both part of an integrated cyber security offering, as well as a point solution within BT's Assure portfolio of managed security services.

Darktrace will also be built into BT’s own enterprise security defences to protect internal assets from ever-changing advanced threats.

The “Enterprise Immune System” technology delivers intelligence-based security to organisations and security analysts. Based on advanced machine learning and mathematics, Darktrace’s technology builds powerful behavioural models of ‘normality’ for every device, user and network element. This enables organisations to detect live or in-progress cyber threats, whether they originate outside or within the organisation. 

 Darktrace brings an important new component to BT's cyber defence architecture, allowing it to take sophisticated real-time analysis and threat intelligence reporting to the global security market. Designed to help organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors, BT's cyber defence architecture empowers security operations centre analysts to regain the advantage over potential adversaries. It does this by giving them the information they need to better understand their own data environments, enabling them to monitor and mitigate the actions of sophisticated attackers as they happen.

 The collaboration between BT and Darktrace represents a significant step forward in today’s business challenge of protecting data systems and corporate information assets, allowing organisations to proactively respond to a full range of advanced and sophisticated cyber threats.

Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, said:  “Darktrace’s approach to cyber security aligns and complements our own. The addition to our Assure portfolio will strengthen our ability to defend BT and our customers against advanced cyber threats. Their machine learning and mathematics are extremely powerful in detecting activity that is abnormal and will be critical to our future cyber security offerings.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with a global leader such as BT,” said Nicole Eagan, CEO of Darktrace. “BT has consistently supported new fundamental technologies to ensure it stays relevant and at the cutting edge of new developments and we look forward to collaborating with them to move the market towards ‘immune system’ style cyber protection.”



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