Kaspersky extends partnership with Scuderia Ferrari and becomes brand’s Esports team partner

By Staff Writer 18 January 2022

Leading global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky, has announced the continuation of its partnership contract with Scuderia Ferrari. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky enlists Guardians of the Cyberspace in the battle against cybercrime

By Ryan Noik 18 January 2022

Kaspersky has launched a new way to improve cybersecurity awareness - an entertaining and informative graphic novel. Rashed Al-Momani expands on the importance of this new format, the evolving cybersecurity landscape... FULL STORY >


Dispelling the cybersecurity misconceptions

By Staff Writer 14 December 2021

There are myths in every part of the world. Old tales warn of dragons, and while current day users believe that their mobile phones are safe from cybercrime. Both are myths, but only one will cause harm. Anna Collard picks up a sword and slays one of... FULL STORY >


Looking for trouble: Cybersecurity for the digital age

By Industry Contributor 13 December 2021

Faced with relentless growth in cyberattacks, coupled with the complexity of today’s digital ecosystem, how should your business respond? Bas Burger, CEO, Global, BT, shares his insights. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky: People in a relationship are using stalkerware to spy on their partner

By Staff Writer 13 December 2021

New research on stalkerware has revealed that 30% of people see no problem with secretly monitoring their partner without their consent. FULL STORY >


Ransomware – Hindsight is 20/20

By Staff Writer 9 December 2021

There are three things many companies may wish they had actioned before a ransomware attack, according to Martin Potgieter, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Nclose. FULL STORY >


Here is when you should ignore an instruction from your employer

By Staff Writer 9 December 2021

There is an occasion when you absolutely should ignore an email from your boss or CEO – when it is a scammer impersonating them. Anna Collard from KnowBe4 Africa explains. FULL STORY >


Global Cisco study unveils five data-driven security practices that actually work

By Staff Writer 9 December 2021

This week, Cisco released its latest cybersecurity report, Security Outcomes Study Volume 2, surveying more than 5100 security and privacy professionals across 27 countries to determine the most impactful... FULL STORY >


Exploring the high cost of phishing

By Staff Writer 8 December 2021

From a phish to a million Rand ransom – the series of events that lead to successful attack can continue for months before the phish takes root in the organisation. FULL STORY >


Tech Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

By Industry Contributor 8 December 2021

Dell Technologies' Chris Buchanan offers some tips on safely navigating shopping online, and keeping one's tech devices healthy, ahead of the holiday season. FULL STORY >


Delivery scams on increase - customers urged to be vigilant

By Staff Writer 2 December 2021

Cybersecurity researchers are urging consumers to be on the lookout for delivery scams following Black Friday and Cyber Monday. FULL STORY >


Cybersecurity: A full view of the risks ahead, and what we can do now

By Ryan Noik 1 December 2021

Kaspersky brought a number of insights to the table at its first in person cybersecurity summit in more than 18 months. The event, fittingly held at the Northcliff Boutique Hotel, along with sweeping views of Johannesburg... FULL STORY >


Crunch time for retailers as holiday shopping days approach

By Industry Contributor 25 November 2021

South Africa is now fully immersed within this month’s (more specifically tomorrow’s) Black Friday Frenzy. While this is a fortunate time for consumers, this is a difficult time for retailers – especially when websites and... FULL STORY >


Cybersecurity: Utilities at its most vulnerable

By Industry Contributor 23 November 2021

By Vladimir Milovanovic, Vice President, Power Systems, Anglophone Africa at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Number of malicious shopping websites jumps 178% ahead of November e-Shopping Holidays

By Staff Writer 18 November 2021

Some sobering news ahead of the holiday season is that Check Point Research has revealed that that is has spotted 5300 different malicious websites per week, marking the highest since the beginning of 2021. FULL STORY >

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