Oviedo Media announces Inaugural African Digital Creator Summit

By Staff Writer 23 June 2022

The inaugural African Digital Creator Summit (ADCS) which is set to be Africa's premium event for the continent’s digital creator ecosystem, is set to launch in Johannesburg this September. FULL STORY >


Google celebrates International SMB Month with an ecommerce summit and digital marketing scholarships

By Staff Writer 15 June 2022

Google has announced new initiatives to support small retail businesses in Africa as part of a month-long commemoration of International Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Businesses Day in June. FULL STORY >


How not to approach digital strategy in 2022: a social media manager’s guide

By Industry Contributor 14 June 2022

Chelsea Du Plessis, Social Media Manager at Vuma unpacks some tips on how not to approach your digital strategy in 2022. FULL STORY >


UNCDF collaborates with IBM on Digital Futures to address digital skills gap

By Staff Writer 10 June 2022

A new global Collaboration between IBM United Nations is set to deliver Digital Learning to women and youth. FULL STORY >


The high walls of data security

By Industry Contributor 18 May 2022

Privacy, data security, digital identity – walled security gardens are becoming increasingly important tools for organisations looking to embed robust security says Aaron Thornton, CSO at Turrito Networks Chief Service Officer at Turrito Networks FULL STORY >


Digital transformation of education holds mixed implications for developing countries

By Staff Writer 16 May 2022

The acceleration of digitalisation in education has created both threats and opportunities for developing economies such as those in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, according to SAS. FULL STORY >


Interview with Syspro: Realigning our disrupted supply chains Part 2

By Ryan Noik 10 May 2022

To explore the critical issue of the disrupted supply chain, and what business can do from a digital perspective, Ryan Noik speaks to Mark Wilson, the Chief Executive Officer at Syspro EMEA. FULL STORY >


Digital skills upskilling: Individualisation is crucial

By Industry Contributor 29 April 2022

By Zuko Mdwaba, Area Vice President, Salesforce South Africa FULL STORY >


Organisations need to invest in digital, customer-facing technology to secure success

By Industry Contributor 28 April 2022

By Orediretse Molebaloa, Regional Sales Engineering Manager at Infobip – Africa FULL STORY >


Africa holds opportunities for digital natives, but the continent must prioritise digitally-enabled socioeconomic growth

By Industry Contributor 25 April 2022

By Darijan Boskovic, Sales Director at Infobip Africa FULL STORY >


How regulated industries are getting results from digital marketing

By Press Release 22 April 2022

Consumers are changing - they have less time, aren't brand loyal, are more socially and environmentally conscious, and prefer experiences over products. FULL STORY >


Fostering purpose-driven innovation in a new digital world

By Industry Contributor 21 April 2022

In the last few years, a new breed of leaders has emerged. They are purpose-driven innovators, and their impact on the world is just as significant as any other great leaders in history. Mohammed Amin from Dell Technologies explains. FULL STORY >


Artificial Intelligence: evolution or existential threat?

By Press Release 13 April 2022

While the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) was already underway, Covid-19 dramatically accelerated its use and adoption in workplaces globally. FULL STORY >


The power of Artificial Intelligence in education

By Industry Contributor 12 April 2022

By Angela Schaerer, Digital Transformation Manager at Curro Holdings FULL STORY >


Why it is critical to have a robust cyber security strategy in place

By Industry Contributor 12 April 2022

By Charles Blackbeard, Business Development Manager, ABB Ability Digital Solutions FULL STORY >

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