5 Ways technology can help SMEs save costs

By Press Release 29 September 2021

For SMEs, cost saving continues to be critical, and here technology can help. FULL STORY >


Five telephony trends for 2021

By Industry Contributor 5 February 2021

Here, Nic Laschinger, CTO of business phone solution provider Euphoria Telecom, shares his top five telephony trends for 2021. FULL STORY >


Divorce your old PBX - 5 reasons cloud-based PBX makes business sense

By Press Release 18 September 2020

Whether your employees work remotely or not, there are several reasons to divorce terrestrial telephony and move your PBX system into the cloud. FULL STORY >


Redefining customer service in telecoms

By Press Release 23 May 2017

Often customer experience is measured using checklists and monitored in isolation – without considering the multiple aspects that make up the entire customer experience, says Euphoria Telecom CEO, George Golding. FULL STORY >


Euphoria Telecom: Avoid long term contracts at all costs

By Staff Writer 3 February 2016

Building and managing a successful business in today's challenging economic environment is an art. Whilst companies have no option but to embrace technology, to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings it has to offer, they... FULL STORY >


Leveraging Cloud Technology to improve operational efficiency

By Press Release 20 November 2015

Euphoria Telecom has implemented its innovative business phone system at SA Tyre Distributors, the biggest wholesaler of tyres in South Africa representing all premium brands and over 2000 resellers FULL STORY >


IP PBX hacking can cripple your business

By Staff Writer 24 July 2015

Unsuspecting VoIP customers are often surprised when they receive outrageous phone bills, especially when their telephone service providers do not explain the risks of toll fraud (PBX hacking). International fraudsters are constantly hijacking telephone... FULL STORY >


Euphoria Telecom removes the risk of VOIP toll fraud

By Staff Writer 26 May 2015

If your phone provider doesn't offer control mechanisms to help prevent fraudulent use of your VOIP account, you may want to look into using a different provider. FULL STORY >

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