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Traditionally, the telecom industry has been dominated by a handful of large players and due to lack of competition, they did as they like. However, this is now changing with new entrants offering better solutions combined with exceptional customer service.
Cloud PBX provider Euphoria Telecom believes providing a world-class customer experience is the key to becoming a leader in the telecoms space. It says this is especially true in smaller economies like South Africa where business is highly competitive and customers are extremely valuable.
Telecom companies now have to offer exceptional service if they are to attract and retain customers. The local market doesn't have the huge customer volumes like the US or the UK, so every single customer is valuable and needs to be treated with care.
Euphoria Telecom CEO George Golding says remarkable is not simply excellent or great, remarkable is something worth talking about. "In South Africa, businesses generally invest the bare minimum into understanding and delivering customer service that exceeds the norm. Often customer experience is measured using checklists and monitored in isolation – without considering the multiple aspects that make up the entire customer experience."
He says this may be the reason many local companies fail to understand what truly resonates with their customers, failing to create brand loyalty. "After experiencing this from companies offering Euphoria B2B services, Euphoria realised the importance of building strong customer relationships through customer experiences."
In 7 years, Euphoria Telecom has earned the reputation of delivering remarkable customer experience to over 2000 business customers - by simply listening to its customers and gaining insight into what really makes its customers happy.
"For any tech business, it is easy to lose focus of the end user and place all the importance on the technology – forgetting that the main reason the business exists is to serve its customers. It may seem obvious, but many organisations fail to make a differentiation between incredible technological leaps and delivering incredible user experience through technological leaps," he concludes.



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