Google Wave - first look

By Thomas McKinnon 20 October 2009

Google Wave was launched in preview at the end of October. For all the hype and media attention some are calling it underwhelming. They don\'t know what they\'re talking about though, as a productivity tool it is great, even if it does need some work. FULL STORY >


Gmail out to reduce embarrassment

By Mike Joubert 14 October 2009

Their latest feature meant for those mails you wanted to send to Bob Geldof, but accidentally mailed to Bob Mugabe instead. FULL STORY >


HTC Hero

By Thomas McKinnon 14 October 2009

The HTC Hero is the first Android device that is more about usability than technology. With HTC\'s hard work and well spent money on interface customisation the handset is slicker and friendlier than its forerunners. FULL STORY >


Share entire folders in Google Docs

By Thomas McKinnon 13 October 2009

Google have finally released an update to Google Docs that lets users share folders of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. FULL STORY >


Push Gmail

By Thomas McKinnon 23 September 2009

The Google Mobile team announced in a blog post yesterday that push functionality is now available for Gmail users making use of Google Sync on the iPhone, iPod touch, or Windows Mobile handsets. FULL STORY >


Google to crawl docs

By Thomas McKinnon 21 September 2009

Google will soon begin to crawl and index all Google Docs that are published and externally linked to. FULL STORY >


Google Fast Flip

By Thomas McKinnon 15 September 2009

According to Google reading news online should be more like reading news in print. To solve this problem Google has come up with Fast Flip. FULL STORY >


Sony pick Chrome

By Thomas McKinnon 2 September 2009

Sony announced yesterday that its VAIO-branded computers sold in the US will have Google Chrome preinstalled. FULL STORY >


Google Maps Street View coming to SA

By Thomas McKinnon 1 September 2009

Google announced today that it has started imagery collection in South Africa for the Street View feature in Google Maps. FULL STORY >


Google Books goes Common

By Mike Joubert 14 August 2009

There are some exciting developments over at Google Books for anyone interested in downloading or publishing Creative Commons books. FULL STORY >


Googles new search system

By Thomas McKinnon 12 August 2009

Google has opened a developer‘«÷s preview to an upgraded version of its search. FULL STORY >


Google looking for a way to better streaming media

By Mike Joubert 6 August 2009

Is Google trying to find ways to make YouTube videos less bandwidth intensive, and bring higher quality video to the Web? FULL STORY >


Best of Tech News July 2009

By Mike Joubert 31 July 2009

All the imporant tech activity in July 09 FULL STORY >


Twitter suffers another security breach

By Mike Joubert 16 July 2009

Microblogging site Twitter suffered another blow to its security when an administrative employee‘«÷s email account was hacked. FULL STORY >


Finding legal images online

By Thomas McKinnon 10 July 2009

Google have now taken steps to make identifying licensed images on its Image Search a little easier. FULL STORY >

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