If you have a disruptive idea, IBM will provide you with the tech to create it

By Press Release 30 October 2015

It is widely acknowledged by ICT analysts that are well-considered CAMMS (cloud computing, mega data analytics, mobile enterprises, social business, and security) strategy is central to the industry transformation... FULL STORY >


IBM rolls out African skills initiative

By Staff Writer 6 August 2015

IBM announced an investment of $60 million over three years to develop the next generation of technical talent in Africa. FULL STORY >


Catalysing Africa’s app economy: SA must move fast

By Staff Writer 22 July 2015

South African developers have the big ideas and funding necessary to catalyse the app economy revolution across Africa, but a cohesive approach is needed if SA is to deliver on its potential as the continent’s app hub, says IBM. FULL STORY >


Cloud as an enabler of Enterprise Innovation and Growth

By Staff Writer 16 July 2015

Anthony Butler, Lead Cloud Advisor for IBM Middle East and Africa, provides six key factors that are critical if enterprises are to leverage PaaS to its fullest transformational potential FULL STORY >


Total Security key for business success says IBM

By Staff Writer 8 July 2015

“Business Leaders simply cannot afford the risk of an attack, and with the acceleration of cybercrime, securing their business is no longer a nice to have option,” says Kevin McKerr, Security Sales Leader for IBM South Africa. FULL STORY >


IBM has a new “Road Buddy”

By Staff Writer 23 July 2014

IBM has announced that its entrepreneur programme is gaining momentum in South Africa, with the company noting that it is driving innovation in the South African start-up community. The programme has helped produce a new vehicle alert system and mobile application... FULL STORY >


TechSmart Business - Tech News

By Staff Writer 18 July 2014

We provide a quick roundup of the key stories gripping the tech world this month, as the HTC One (M8) launches in SA, Microsoft SA name its new MD and Amazon battles to keep its drones in the air. FULL STORY >


IBM's Africa SmartCamp Competition aims to develop African tech innovation

By Staff Writer 12 June 2014

IBM's SmartCamp Competition is an initiative aimed at the next generation of budding entrepreneurs across Africa. All of whom are vying for the opportunity to become an IBM platform partner. FULL STORY >


Building a bottom line on disruptive technologies

By Staff Writer 5 June 2014

The paradigm shift in enterprise computing presents an ideal opportunity for enterprises across Africa to innovate and gain competitive advantage, says IBM. FULL STORY >


Apple iOS Apps of the month - November 2012

By Ryan Noik 12 November 2012

You'll never come close to going through all the apps in Apple's App Store. TechSmart finds the best free apps that the App Store has to offer. FULL STORY >


Green News - September 2012

By Hanleigh Daniels 29 August 2012

Toyota set to break new EV ground in this month's Green News, whilst Bill Gates looks to reinvent the toilet and IBM sets world record for PV energy conversion efficiency. FULL STORY >


IBM reveals its next era of computing with PureSystems

By Ryan Noik 20 April 2012

IBM has announced its new PureSystems development, part of its bid to usher in a new era of computing. FULL STORY >


Facebook beefs up its IP following Yahoo lawsuit

By Hanleigh Daniels 26 March 2012

Facebook buys 750 of IBMs technology patents as possible ammo in its patent battle with web search firm Yahoo! FULL STORY >


Green News - February 2012

By Hanleigh Daniels 6 February 2012

Getting some cash back for your tech waste, making wasteful chargers illegal and new lithium-air cell electric battery technology all form part of this month's Green News. FULL STORY >


IBM touts a smarter world and next era of computing

By Ryan Noik 30 November 2011

IBM this week asserted that the world is on the verge of the next era of computing, and explained how smart computing could help solve common problems. FULL STORY >

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