Mobile apps – empowering local Government, solving real social challenges

By Staff Writer 25 April 2017

We’ve fallen in love with our beloved mobile apps, but how can we use them to solve our real social challenges? FULL STORY >


The future of the cloud is the future of business

By Staff Writer 17 August 2015

The evolution of cloud-based technology has dramatically changed the business landscape in the past few years, and the latest developments in technology are set to create even further disruption. FULL STORY >


Intervate helps small enterprise transform its business model

By Staff Writer 5 August 2015

Capitalising on the strength of Intervate's ‘Citizen Reporting’ framework, local start-up Cool Touch has radically elevated its business model by embracing mobile app technology. FULL STORY >


The intranet, evolved

By Staff Writer 8 July 2015

A successful intranet is not an implemented one, but an adopted one that employees enjoy using, says Peter Reid, SharePoint Solutions Head at Intervate. FULL STORY >


A “mobile-first” ethos: the catalyst for business transformation

By Staff Writer 26 May 2015

Lionel Moyal, Managing Director of Intervate, believes that the organisations that listen to their users, and that think ‘mobile-first’, will have the advantage in the future. FULL STORY >


Smart Process Applications – the key to unlocking operational efficiencies

By Staff Writer 6 May 2015

Shaun Dicker, Head of Business Process Solutions at Intervate, believes that Smart Process Applications are the key to unlocking operational efficiencies and enhancing the customer experience. FULL STORY >


Intervate #GoMobile at SHARE 2014

By Staff Writer 13 June 2014

Intervate, a T-Systems subsidiary, is proud to announce it will be sponsor at SHARE 2014. FULL STORY >


Turning the innovation agenda ‘inside out’

By Staff Writer 6 May 2014

How a platform-based approach to enterprise architecture rapidly accelerates the pace of innovation. FULL STORY >


Intervate’s community and business applications improve service delivery and efficiencies

By Staff Writer 26 February 2014

Intervate, a T-Systems business unit in South Africa and the country’s foremost provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, has reinforced its position in the market as a mobile app... FULL STORY >

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