Know your Anime: Current and Future Anime

By Allen Simpson 18 August 2014

With summer coming to an end in Japan, there are plenty of new Anime series making their way onto televisions across the island nation. We take a look at some of the latest anime currently doing the rounds, as well as some of the series expected to land... FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Uninhabited Planet Survive

By Allen Simpson 28 July 2014

Getting stranded on an island as in Lost is already troublesome enough, but what if you end up on an alien planet with no signs of intelligent life and strange giant creatures swarming around you? That's what the anime series, Uninhabited Planet... FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Naruto

By Allen Simpson 21 July 2014

Action, adventure and fantasy are always a nice combination to have in any anime, when you add shinobi (or ninjas) to the mix, it gets even more awesome. This week we bring you one of the most loved shinobi in the history of anime, a name that is spoken daily by... FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Vampire Knight

By Allen Simpson 14 July 2014

To some students, school is already filled with monsters like pimples, homework and psychotic physical education teachers. In Vampire Knight it is not sparkling, cute vampires like a certain embarrassing series, or a group of nerds led by a cheerleader. These... FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Beck (a.k.a Mongolian Chop Squad)

By Allen Simpson 26 June 2014

An artist's life is not an easy one, they must work hard to be good at what they do to gain some sort of recognition. This forms part of the central theme for this week's anime series - Beck. FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Yakitate!! Japan

By Allen Simpson 20 June 2014

Just when you think you know everything about anime genres a new one slips in. Today we look at Culinary anime, yes anime about food. Get your chopsticks ready as we profile the 'Culinary Adventure' series Yakitate!! Japan. FULL STORY >


Know Your Anime: Clamp

By Allen Simpson 13 June 2014

Clamp is a manga house that have managed to created a universe of novels and an array of series that flow superbly well, are extremely addictive, and leave audiences always wanting more. We profile two of their manga-to-anime crossovers xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir... FULL STORY >


Know your anime: Hunter X Hunter

By Allen Simpson 5 June 2014

This week we take a look at Hunter x Hunter, an anime that explores the world through the eyes of a boy on a quest to find his father, a professional hunter. The hunters in this world though are Indiana Jones-types - part relic hunters, part archeologists and... FULL STORY >


Know your anime: Dark Fantasy

By Allen Simpson 21 May 2014

This week we bring you anime that contains elements of Dark Fantasy. The Dark Fantasy genre is all about fantasy but with horror elements, including demons, ghosts and other supernatural creatures mixed in. For this Know your Anime, the epic Berserk and Claymore... FULL STORY >


Know your anime: Girls with Guns II (Future version)

By Allen Simpson 12 May 2014

The anime world can’t get enough of Girls with Guns, and neither can we, so here’s another look at the theme. This time round we investigate Appleseed and Agent Aika, both set in the not too distant future. FULL STORY >


Know your Anime: Kyou Kara Maou!

By Allen Simpson 5 May 2014

In Kyou Kara Maou!, we join Yuuri Shibuya as he's transported to the world of Shin Makoku, as he chooses sides between humans and Mazoku (demons). FULL STORY >


Know your Anime: Log Horizon

By Allen Simpson 24 April 2014

What do you get when you cross Lord of the Rings and the movie Gamer? Definitely not Log Horizon. Log Horizon is better. FULL STORY >


Know your Anime: Memories

By Allen Simpson 17 April 2014

Memories is a Sci-Fi Anime epic from acclaimed writer and director Katsuhiro Otomo, told over three uniquely different yet equally brilliant episodes. FULL STORY >

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