Mobile technology to address Africa’s healthcare challenges

By Staff Writer 5 October 2015

Healthcare is a massive challenge in Africa. The continent is home to 15% of the world’s population and 24% of global disease burden, and yet has only 3% of the world’s healthcare workforce at its disposal FULL STORY >


Mobile technology puts African business owners in the driving seat

By Staff Writer 3 July 2015

With smartphone penetration ramping up across Africa, the continent’s businesses have an opportunity to use mobile technology to become more efficient, productive, and responsive in the way they do business FULL STORY >


Laying the mobile groundwork for business success

By Staff Writer 18 March 2015

After setting the sales charts within the consumer market on fire, mobile technology quickly began to induce migraines for IT managers around the country. FULL STORY >


mLab SA gives leg up for mobile entrepreneurs

By Ryan Noik 28 July 2011

A new incubator for entrepreneurs and innovators, focusing on mobile technology, has opened for membership. FULL STORY >


43.2 Mbps network launched by Vodacom

By Staff Writer 18 April 2011

Vodacom unveils its SuperMobile technology network, enabled at north of 1000 base stations in the country, delivering speeds of up to 43.2 Mbps. FULL STORY >

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