Make sure the lights don’t go out - with a smart power solution from Netshield

By Press Release 8 March 2019

Based on the state of our current power grid system, loadshedding has become a necessary evil as it reduces the risk of a national blackout that could take the country a week to recover from. FULL STORY >


Netshield provides end-to-end IoT solution

By Press Release 16 March 2018

Netshield South Africa is pleased to unveil its end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) solution, assisting customers with the development, management and deployment of successful IoT implementations, from sensors, through to the gateways, dashboards and... FULL STORY >


The perfect reason to not replace your network but to rather convert it

By Press Release 1 August 2017

With the competitively priced Netshield SFP, SFP+, QSFP and QSFP28 compatible transceiver modules from Netshield South Africa, you can expand your voice and data networks by adding fibre into your existing network without... FULL STORY >


Manage multiple energy sources and switch between them from a single device

By Staff Writer 14 September 2015

The energy crisis in South Africa has made the addition of alternative energy sources imperative for businesses and households across the country FULL STORY >


Bridge the copper and fibre gap in your network, inexpensively

By Staff Writer 15 June 2015

While many don’t want to admit it, there are those dark recesses of your network that are still copper based, the areas you have left alone for decades because the alternative is to rip it all out and replace it. FULL STORY >


Don’t replace your network – convert it

By Staff Writer 13 May 2015

OEM modules help you cut back the costs of replacing your network while still leveraging the benefits of new technologies FULL STORY >


Netshield provides complete data centre in one box

By Staff Writer 13 April 2015

Local ICT developer and innovator, Netshield, is challenging the way the industry approaches IT with its Data Centre in a Box FULL STORY >


Make environmental monitoring a priority

By Staff Writer 4 March 2015

Get comprehensive environmental monitoring from a single device FULL STORY >


Netshield Nviromon-Lite unit

By Ryan Noik 7 November 2012

With its Nviromon-Lite, Netshield has brought what may have once been considered science-fiction into tangible technological fact, to the benefit of home and business owners alike. FULL STORY >


Netshield Solar Tracker

By Staff Writer 7 February 2012

While Eskom warns of possible load shedding and with winter still ahead of us when electricity usage typically reaches its highest point, using solar powered solutions is as relevant as ever. FULL STORY >


Netshield - Quality comes first

By Staff Writer 12 January 2012

While technical components and product features certainly have their merit, Netshield's main concern revolves around producing quality products that can satisfy their customers' needs. FULL STORY >


Uninterrupted Power Supply - an essential company tool

By Staff Writer 8 November 2011

An Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS can mean the difference between a good day at the office, or one spent offline and/or trying to recover data off a crashed server. Netshield's UPS range is here to help. FULL STORY >


Surge protection by Netshield

By Staff Writer 6 September 2011

It is unfortunate, but a fact of life, that PCs, computer related products, process control and data communications equipment can be damaged by high-voltage surges and spikes. FULL STORY >


Netshield Fire-Smother

By Staff Writer 6 April 2011

A fire doesn't care what kind of specialised security software you have running, if left unchecked it will destroy the server, the room, and maybe even the entire building. FULL STORY >


NVIROMON remote environmental monitoring and control

By Staff Writer 18 March 2011

NVIROMON's hardware, installed in the IT computer room, constantly probes for humidity, temperature & water, gas/airflow and power meters, preventing catastrophes before they happen. FULL STORY >

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