Nikon D5100 heading to SA

By Staff Writer 5 April 2011

Nikon has introduced its new D5100, the follow-up to its successful D5000 and a competitor to Canon's new 600D dSLR. FULL STORY >


Top compacts for Summer

By Mike Joubert 29 September 2010

With 720p video now featuring on many compacts, your old 6 megapixel shooter is definitely due for an upgrade. FULL STORY >


Filming HD Video on dSLRs

By Mike Joubert 2 December 2009

On 27 August 2008 Japanese camera manufacturer Nikon dropped a bombshell on an unsuspecting camera world. Their latest digital single lens reflex camera, the 12 megapixel D90, included a feature that no DSLR had before the ability to record video in high definition. FULL STORY >


HD Video on DSLRs

By Mike Joubert 12 May 2009

With the ‘«£more megapixels‘«ō spat all but over, the latest punch up concerning digital cameras is now about HD video shooting capabilities. FULL STORY >

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