Surge protection by Netshield

By Staff Writer 6 September 2011

It is unfortunate, but a fact of life, that PCs, computer related products, process control and data communications equipment can be damaged by high-voltage surges and spikes. FULL STORY >


New Total Security 2012 released

By Ryan Noik 4 August 2011

Internet security solutions provider, Bitdefender, have released its new Total Security 2012 software, with several key new features that are aimed at protecting users from hackers, viruses and identity theft. FULL STORY >


Symantec launches new software for Android devices

By Ryan Noik 2 August 2011

Android devices receive their own security package in the form of Norton Mobile Security. FULL STORY >


Facebook facial recognition under scrutiny

By Johan Keyter 9 June 2011

Facebook's new auto tagging feature comes under fire from privacy watchdogs in the EU. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky Lab provides IT threat forecast for 2011-2020

By Hanleigh Daniels 22 February 2011

IT security provider Kaspersky Lab foretells of the changes in IT threats and security over the coming decade. FULL STORY >


Are data laws too lax

By Tom Manners 19 July 2010

Is your data really protected The truth may shock you. FULL STORY >


Eaton Nova AVR 1250

By Thomas McKinnon 14 September 2009

The Nova AVR 1250 is a rugged UPS that is capable of providing 660 W of power. With a useful power management software package available and excellent battery life it is the ideal device for protecting your hardware against erratic power supply. FULL STORY >


APC SurgeArrest Surge Protector

By Mike Joubert 8 July 2009

The APC Notebook Surge Protector will prevent surges through the mains power from destroying your notebook. FULL STORY >


ThumbMax Fingerprint USB Drive

By Thomas McKinnon 15 July 2008

The ThumbMax is a flash drive that has added biometric protection. FULL STORY >

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