A checklist for your annual December holiday shutdown

By Press Release 1 December 2016

Here’s a checklist of some of the important things to do before you shut down for the December holidays. FULL STORY >


Teen entrepreneurship, confidence-building, and honest conversation: building blocks to a brighter future

By Press Release 1 December 2016

As we celebrate the progress made and the work that still needs to be done this World Aids Day, it’s clear that we need much more than just education and awareness. FULL STORY >


Sage takes Sage Summit on the road to meet with the world’s business builders

By Press Release 29 November 2016

Sage Summit Tour will ignite the passion of business and entrepreneurs in nine locations. FULL STORY >


The pros and cons of Black Friday for small businesses

By Press Release 22 November 2016

Black Friday is an American tradition that has quickly taken root in Africa. The large online e-commerce shops and the major retail chains in many parts of the continent will be splashing out with big promotions and marketing campaigns to... FULL STORY >


How can you make sure your business is relevant in 5 years’ time?

By Press Release 22 November 2016

Steven Cohen, head of Sage One International examines why constantly innovating requires continually asking yourself questions, your customers questions and your team members’ questions. FULL STORY >


How Smart Bots will simplify your Life as a Business Owner

By Press Release 18 November 2016

Meet Pegg, the personal trainer for your business. Pegg will log your expenses and file your receipts for you, with no fuss at all. Pegg can tell you what you’ve spent or earned for the month and remind you instantly who owes you... FULL STORY >


Don’t get caught short when you’re calculating employees’ leave pay

By Press Release 9 November 2016

In 2003, the Minister of Labour issued a schedule to clarify the requirements of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) for the correct calculation of leave pay, notice pay and severance pay. Some 13 years later,... FULL STORY >


Business builders need to future-proof their business – or risk becoming irrelevant

By Press Release 8 November 2016

As the saying goes, fortune favours the prepared mind, and to help local business builders prepare for the future, Sage has gathered top business experts from across the world for a “Future-Proof Your... FULL STORY >


Water restrictions: How you can save water as a small business owner

By Press Release 3 November 2016

As most are aware, our country is currently undergoing a major water crisis which is affecting businesses and people in general. Anton van Heerden, executive VP Africa and Middle East at Sage, says the challenge is for small... FULL STORY >


Small & Medium Businesses should be saving money for a bad day – Here’s how

By Press Release 31 October 2016

Today is World Savings Day, an event created to increase the public's awareness of the importance of savings for modern economies. Anton van Heerden, executive VP, Africa & Middle East at Sage shares a few ideas... FULL STORY >


Long and expensive tech projects to make room for business growth are a thing of the past

By Press Release 27 October 2016

According to Keith Fenner, VP Sage Enterprise Africa and VP Sage Middle East, the shift towards the cloud empowers mid-sized organisations to thrive without needing to spend more money on hiring IT staff... FULL STORY >


Coming to a city near you: Sage One’s Roadshow for accountants

By Press Release 25 October 2016

Sage is hosting the Sage One Roadshow across South Africa for accountants and accounting practices to get the latest information on using online technology to improve the service they provide to their clients. The Roadshow will... FULL STORY >


The rise of Artisan entrepreneurs in South Africa – and what it takes to succeed

By Press Release 21 October 2016

Around the world the so-called ‘flat white economy’ continues to rise. It comprises the thousands upon thousands of artisan entrepreneurs selling to consumers who crave healthy, sustainable and authentic... FULL STORY >


Tomorrow’s accountant will be a business advisor rather than a number cruncher

By Press Release 13 October 2016

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing maturity of cloud-based business software promise to dramatically change the role of the accountant over the next five to 10 years, notes Steven Cohen, head... FULL STORY >


HR’s role in helping employees strike the right work-life balance

By Press Release 11 October 2016

According to the Sage Walk with Me Report, 41% of the young workforce believes that technology will make the concept of “your desk” outdated, that the workplace will have more virtual staff in the next 10 years. Progressive... FULL STORY >

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