Study finds CA Technologies API Management helps drive business growth

By Staff Writer 28 July 2015

Organizations recognize revenue more quickly from API-dependent initiatives by cutting app deployment time from 90 days to three days with CA API management FULL STORY >


Cloud-based backup strategy can be implemented in just 15 minutes- Veeam

By Staff Writer 11 May 2015

Cloud-based backup services are an easy way for IT service providers to help clients achieve availability of their data, says Warren Olivier, Southern Africa Regional Manager at Veeam Software -- as well as an excellent... FULL STORY >


What is a botnet and how does it spread?

By Staff Writer 9 April 2015

Have you ever seen posts on social networks or emails under your name that you did not send? Is your computer running slowly or do you often find your screen filled with pop ups. FULL STORY >


Building the modern data centre: 10 steps for success

By Staff Writer 3 March 2015

The always-on era is becoming a reality for every business: Globalisation is allowing companies to spread their operations across multiple time zones just as users are abandoning the old nine-to-five working day and want access to their... FULL STORY >


Veeam: Backups now able to move businesses forward

By Ryan Noik 16 September 2014

A change in approach appears to be predominant theme in IT at present, and the familiar concept of backups is similarly calling for a different perspective. Warren Olivier, the regional manager of Veeam South Africa explains. FULL STORY >


Business beware -malware threat increasing

By Staff Writer 16 September 2014

Businesses have been placed on alert that their security measures from a year ago may now be inadequate to deal with this year’s evolving malware attacks. FULL STORY >


Disruption awaits -are you ready

By Staff Writer 16 September 2014

It may well be that business as usual becomes a quaint and curious concept in the years to come, with the trend of disruption coming more to the fore. EMC’s Claude Schuck explains. FULL STORY >


TomTom launches Rider - a navigation device for bikers

By Hanleigh Daniels 7 August 2013

TomTom delivers a navigation solution tailored for bikers in the form of the TomTom Rider. FULL STORY >


Subaru BRZ available in South Africa

By Hanleigh Daniels 8 May 2013

Subaru makes its BRZ sports coup? available to local buyers, but for a premium pricetag. FULL STORY >


New Ford Kuga SUV debuting locally this month

By Hanleigh Daniels 19 March 2013

Ford's all new Kuga SUV is looking to pounce on local buyers this month. FULL STORY >


Ford launches Focus ST locally

By Hanleigh Daniels 5 October 2012

Ford launches its new Focus ST in South Africa, which will go on sale next month. FULL STORY >


RIM appoints new MD for South African office

By Hanleigh Daniels 27 July 2012

RIM appoints a new managing director for South- and Southern Africa. FULL STORY >


Steve Vosloo, mLab Southern Africa

By Staff Writer 14 October 2011

mLab SA, a new regional lab for mobile technology entrepreneurs, application developers and innovators, was recently launched at The Innovation Hub, Pretoria. FULL STORY >

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