Employees still the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain

By Press Release 18 June 2018

Now more than ever, organisations need to have strict cybersecurity policies in place, with spearphishing on the rise. FULL STORY >


MTN moves to protect SA business against cybercrime spike

By Press Release 19 September 2016

With the cost of global cybercrime expected to pass the $2 trillion mark by 2019, MTN Business has moved to protect its business clients from the growing risk of cyber-based fraud and theft. FULL STORY >


Hitachi Data Systems expands partnership with Symantec

By Staff Writer 20 February 2014

Hitachi Data Systems expands partnership with Symantec to deliver the pinnacle of data management and data protection to customers worldwide FULL STORY >


Three most eyebrow raising cybercrimes in South Africa

By Ryan Noik 23 September 2013

We’ve been hearing for quite some time about the very real threat of cybercrime globally, and South Africa is certainly not exempt from this threat.Here are just three cybercrimes that typify how pervasive the issue is. FULL STORY >


Symantec reveals cyber-espionage on the rise

By Ryan Noik 9 May 2013

Targeted attacks, which aim at stealing intellectual property, are apparently on the rise, while small businesses are in attackers' crosshairs, according to Symantec. FULL STORY >


Symantec releases new 2013 State of Mobility survey

By Ryan Noik 25 April 2013

According to Symantec's latest 2013 State of Mobility survey, two vastly different approaches were responsible for equally diverse experiences of mobility by organisations. FULL STORY >


Most SA mobile devices unlocked and unprotected, reveals Norton

By Ryan Noik 4 April 2013

According to a new study by Norton, South African mobile users are leaving themselves wide open to cybercrime by failing to secure their mobile device. FULL STORY >


Shocking 2012 Norton Cybercrime report released

By Ryan Noik 25 October 2012

The latest 2012 Norton Cybercrime report, which is one of the largest cybercrime studies in the world, has been released, exposing some dramatic, and disturbing findings. FULL STORY >


Norton 360 v6 earns highest marks for protection and performance

By Hanleigh Daniels 20 February 2012

The premium Norton by Symantec web security package, Norton 360 version 6.0, has come up tops during independently run performance and protection tests. FULL STORY >


Hackers target Symantecs source code, release it online

By Ryan Noik 8 February 2012

Hackers release stolen source code for Symantec's pcAnywhere software after negotiations fail. FULL STORY >


Huawei to acquire Symantec stake in Huawei Symantec

By Staff Writer 15 November 2011

Huawei Symantec Technologies will be setting a new course under a sole owner, as Huawei is acquiring Symantec's share of the joint venture. FULL STORY >


Norton Internet Security 2012

By Ryan Noik 15 November 2011

Norton Internet Security 2012 is a comprehensive, full fledged security software that managed to impress us with its balance between accessibility, ease of use and wealth of features. FULL STORY >


Norton launches Internet Security 2012, extends Norton Everywhere initiative

By Ryan Noik 13 September 2011

Norton by Symantec has announced two new developments, aimed at extending its online security offerings and delivering improved protection. FULL STORY >


Symantec launches new software for Android devices

By Ryan Noik 2 August 2011

Android devices receive their own security package in the form of Norton Mobile Security. FULL STORY >


Malware on the rise, says Symantec

By Ryan Noik 1 August 2011

Infected emails and websites are on the rise, according to a recent report from Symantec. FULL STORY >

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