The Tipping Point of Customer Interaction

By Press Release 12 April 2017

A new study from Verint and Opinium Research reveals that Customer Experience (CX) is considerably more nuanced than many businesses realise, with Omni Channel coming to the fore. FULL STORY >


Opinion - Before and after Robotic Process Automation

By Press Release 24 March 2017

As organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver fast, efficient and accurate service, Robotic Process Automation is one of the ways they can improve accuracy and respond more quickly to help meet customer expectations, says Verint. FULL STORY >


Study indicates majority of South African consumers are concerned about data security and privacy

By Press Release 15 March 2017

Results of an international study from Verint Systems have shown that concerns around data privacy and security remain at the top of the consumer agenda. FULL STORY >


Opinion - Balancing the digital demand with the human touch

By Press Release 20 January 2017

Michiel Lely, VP of Practices, EMEA at Verint, explains why digital channels cannot and should not replace the personalisation offered by human beings. FULL STORY >


New global study reveals resounding need for human touch in today’s digital first world

By Press Release 26 October 2016

Despite the rise in digital customer service channels and options, 79% of consumers prefer the human touch to remain a part of customer service when engaging with brands and service providers. FULL STORY >


Mingling with Millennials

By Press Release 19 October 2016

A study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that millennials, who account for R18.2 trillion in direct annual spending, engage more extensively with brands than older consumers and expect a more personalised two-way marketing relationship. FULL STORY >


Robots in the Workplace – Helping employees and improving work

By Press Release 20 September 2016

Robots seem to be everywhere these days—on the big screen in popular science fiction movies, in books and in toy stores, and also in a real way improving our workplaces and other aspects of our daily lives. FULL STORY >


Verint named a leader for Workforce Optimization Suites by independent research firm

By Press Release 13 September 2016

Company Cited with the Highest Ranked Current Offering and Strategy; Recognised for Customer Engagement Focus. FULL STORY >


What do business high flyers have in common? They all get customer engagement right

By Press Release 15 July 2016

Customer analytic technology can help better understand what your customers actually want, and become an aspirational brand FULL STORY >


New voice recognition technologies to bring call centres woes to an end

By Ryan Noik 17 June 2016

The end of frustrating telephone verification processes are in sight, as new voice recognition technologies have matured sufficiently to be used widely by call centres in confirming the identity of customers on the phone. FULL STORY >


Verint further omptimises with Enterprise Feedback Management enhancements

By Press Release 4 May 2016

Verint Systems Inc. today announced enhancements to its Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution, enabling further flexible, mobile customer engagement across today’s digital enterprise. FULL STORY >


Verint: One way you can drive more sales

By Press Release 12 April 2016

The digital shopping experience has transformed how we engage with brands and make decisions. However, our natural instinct to turn to others for recommendations still prevails. FULL STORY >


Verint Systems: Computer game culture helping to create better contact centres

By Staff Writer 5 February 2016

The rapid growth of Gamification and the computer game culture are helping to create more efficient and profitable contact centres, says leading Strategic Back Office Workforce Optimisation Consultant Graeme Gabriel... FULL STORY >

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