Stylish VAIO EH series joins Sony's lineup

By Ryan Noik 18 July 2011

Sony SA has unveiled its new VAIO EH series of notebooks, which boasts either a 15.5 or a 17.3 screen, Core i5 processor, and, like the reviewed VAIO C series, a dash of stylish flair. FULL STORY >


Acer launches Aspire 5755 notebook

By Ryan Noik 18 July 2011

Acer will launch the Aspire 5755 at the end of this month, which is squarely aimed at catering for consumers entertainment, everyday and multi-tasking needs. FULL STORY >


Google digitising British Library treasures

By Johan Keyter 22 June 2011

Google Books enters into a partnership with the British Library to digitise some 40 million pages of human history, and make it all fully searchable online. FULL STORY >


Samsung Forum 2011

By Mike Joubert 7 June 2011

Samsung recently hosted its Africa Forum 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. The event showcased the Korean brand's latest products, giving journalists from around Africa the opportunity to interact with the latest products. Here are our top choices from the Forum. FULL STORY >


Dell unveils 24 new business solutions

By Staff Writer 10 February 2011

Dell has announced 24 new business computing solutions and form factors, including notebooks, tablets, desktops and workstation computers FULL STORY >


Top 5 notebooks of 2010

By Mike Joubert 10 December 2010

2010 was an excellent year for notebooks, here's our top performers of the year. FULL STORY >


Google launching online bookstore

By Johan Keyter 1 December 2010

Search giant Google plans to launch its own online bookstore in the form of Google Editions. FULL STORY >


Rugged Notebooks Eagle series has landed

By Johan Keyter 13 October 2010

The new Eagle series from Rugged Notebooks swoops down with a very impressive, and very tough offering. FULL STORY >


General Dynamics 6000

By Johan Keyter 21 September 2010

The General Dynamics 6000 aims to offer users on the road a versatile and extremely tough notebook solution. FULL STORY >


LG T380

By Johan Keyter 13 September 2010

We take a look at the stylish LG T380, a sleek notebook sporting decent specs and a great battery life. FULL STORY >


Toshiba Satellite T110

By Johan Keyter 18 August 2010

The Toshiba Satellite T110 compact notebook offers the size benefits of a netbook coupled with the performance of a a fully sized notebook - well almost. FULL STORY >


HP Pavilion dm1 notebook

By Mike Joubert 13 April 2010

Larger than a netbook but smaller in size than a regular notebook, the HP Pavilion dm1 is just about perfect if you're looking for a notebook that's small in size. FULL STORY >


Exclusives.co.za launched

By Thomas McKinnon 12 March 2010

Exclusive Books launched a beta version of their new commerce website, Exclusives.co.za, last night in Fourways, Johannesburg. FULL STORY >


Elonex eBook 511EB

By Mike Joubert 18 January 2010

Elonex's eBook 511EB is a bit smaller than the rest of the ebook crowd, unfortunately also in screen size. FULL STORY >


Google Books Under Fire

By Mike Joubert 2 November 2009

Google\'s ambitions to digitise all the books in the world have been simultaneously applauded and criticised. While Google claims its intentions are noble some point towards its growing monopoly on access to information. FULL STORY >

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