Apples most successful product launch

By Hanleigh Daniels 29 June 2010

Apple delivers over 1.7 million iPhone 4 handsets in just three days after its launch. FULL STORY >


Are open platforms the way forward for the mobile market

By Tom Manners 28 June 2010

Samsung executive gives opinion regarding open source mobile platforms FULL STORY >


BlackBerry ships 100 million devices

By Tom Manners 25 June 2010

BlackBerry holding company Research in Motion is gathering steam at an alarming rate FULL STORY >


Early responses to the iPhone 4

By Tom Manners 24 June 2010

Apple's iPhone 4 - the good, the bad and the ugly FULL STORY >


Apple iOS4 leaves iPhone 3G owners in the dust

By Tom Manners 22 June 2010

Older iPhone models do not have access to key elements of iOS4 FULL STORY >


iPhone 4 RAM doubled

By Tom Manners 18 June 2010

Rumours circulate regarding a possible 512MB of RAM, making it Apple's most powerful mobile device. FULL STORY >


HTC lashes out at Apple with lawsuit

By Tom Manners 14 June 2010

HTC seeks to ban the sale of iPods, iPhones and iPads in the US FULL STORY >


African Welcome Travel Diary app launched

By Hanleigh Daniels 10 June 2010

Cape Town based Saatchi & Saatchi AtPlay announce the launch of the Engen African Welcome Travel Diary app for the iPhone that will allow users to document their travel experiences. FULL STORY >


What is new about the iPhone 4

By Tom Manners 8 June 2010

What Mr. Jobs revealed at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. FULL STORY >


iPhone 4 announcement expected later today

By Tom Manners 7 June 2010

Apple CEO will take the stage today to make the companys next big announcement. FULL STORY >


Tech News Roundup- Apple fans on cloud 9

By Hanleigh Daniels 9 April 2010

Apple is once again the fruit of choice for media companies around the world, as the Cupertinobased company dominated tech headlines this week with the US launch and WiFi problems of some users of the iPad and the showcasing of iPhone OS 4. FULL STORY >


RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700

By Mike Joubert 3 March 2010

The Bold 9700 is business all the way, with a classy look and all the messaging tools you need to back it up. FULL STORY >


News roundup- Apple in the limelight

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 February 2010

This week's tech news roundup touches on Apples iPod touch and iPhone a lot throughout and will have COSATU keeping a watchful eye on the developments of the NASA-GM partnership, as it might lead to future job losses for humans to robots. FULL STORY >


Gaming news roundup- iPhone most popular

By Hanleigh Daniels 12 February 2010

The iPhone is now more popular with game developers than any other mobile gaming devices. FULL STORY >


Opera Mini for iPhone preview

By Thomas McKinnon 11 February 2010

Opera announced yesterday that they will be previewing a version of their popular mobile browser, Opera Mini, for the iPhone at the World Mobile Congress. FULL STORY >

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