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SafetyWeb, the online service that aims to help parents keep their children safe online, yesterday launched a unique safety application for the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems.

The SafetyWeb application, which is available on the iPhone App Store and Android Market, gives parents the ability to track their children’s online smartphone activity, to enable them to quickly and appropriately deal with abuse or cyber-bullying online.

By incorporating new technology acquired from Odojo in July 2010, SafetyWeb has integrated mobile phone data into its monitoring algorithms, giving parents the ability to track their children’s texting activity, influxes of mobile activity and potential dangers.

The SafetyWeb application provides parents with layers of relevant data about their child’s online presence. The service provides parents with easy-to-read weekly reports on their child’s online activity, with access to their website services for $10 a month or $100 a year.

“Now that we’ve extended SafetyWeb onto mobile devices, parents can always be aware of potential online threats to their children and receive alerts in the palm of their hand”, said Geoffrey Arone, co-founder of SafetyWeb.

SafetyWeb has also announced that it will soon incorporate data from gaming consoles and geo-location services that will provide parents with a toolkit that helps pinpoint concerning behaviour.

“Kids are constantly plugged in, and the tools we provide help parents protect their kids safety, privacy and reputation”, said Michael Clark, co-founder of SafetyWeb. “Bullying is no longer limited to the playground or classroom, and our mission is to plug parents in to where it’s happening, whether it’s online or via text message.”

Application such as these obviously have their benefits, but it does bring the question to light of how much is too much monitoring? Do you think parents should be able to monitor their children’s mobile phone activity? We would like to have you opinion on if this app will help, or if using this app intrudes on kids' privacy. Share your opinions on the matter in the comment box below.


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