The greatest phishing fails of 2022 surfaces

By Staff Writer 10 June 2022

KnowBe4 has released its latest report on top-clicked phishing emails of 2022 – with some eye-opening findings. FULL STORY >


Phish me tender, phish me true, these phish are all for you

By Staff Writer 19 April 2022

Phishing remains the most successful threat action when it comes to data breaches, successful hacks and social engineering. Anna Collard from KnowBe4 Africa explains why, and what you can do. FULL STORY >


Quick, cheap and dangerous: how scammers are creating thousands of fake pages using phishing kits

By Staff Writer 1 April 2022

Kaspersky researchers have revealed that in 2021 they blocked 1.2 million individual phishing pages based on 469 phishing kits — which are ready-made fake page templates, that allow... FULL STORY >


Too scared - Revealing the insecurity of people and security

By Staff Writer 10 March 2022

KnowBe4 did a survey of security habits around the world and unpacked how people behaved, and the mistakes they made. The results were revealing. FULL STORY >


Will you be my romance scam?

By Staff Writer 11 February 2022

Love it or loathe it, Valentines Day is synonomous with sweetness, but these scams accompanying the occasion definitely leave a bitter taste. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky enlists Guardians of the Cyberspace in the battle against cybercrime

By Ryan Noik 7 February 2022

Kaspersky has launched a new way to improve cybersecurity awareness - an entertaining and informative graphic novel. Rashed Al-Momani expands on the importance of this new format, the evolving cybersecurity landscape... FULL STORY >


DHL replaces Microsoft as most imitated brand in phishing attempts

By Staff Writer 18 January 2022

Check Point Research has issued its Q4 Brand Phishing Report, highlighting the leading brands that hackers imitated in attempts to lure people into giving up personal data FULL STORY >


Powerful but short-lived: One third of phishing pages cease to be active after a day

By Staff Writer 11 January 2022

Kaspersky researchers analysed the lifecycle of phishing pages and discovered that one third of phishing pages cease to exist within a single day, making the first hours of a page's life the most dangerous for... FULL STORY >


Exploring the high cost of phishing

By Staff Writer 8 December 2021

From a phish to a million Rand ransom – the series of events that lead to successful attack can continue for months before the phish takes root in the organisation. FULL STORY >


Cybersecurity: A full view of the risks ahead, and what we can do now

By Ryan Noik 1 December 2021

Kaspersky brought a number of insights to the table at its first in person cybersecurity summit in more than 18 months. The event, fittingly held at the Northcliff Boutique Hotel, along with sweeping views of Johannesburg... FULL STORY >


Growing demand for fake vaccine passports leading to new phishing risks

By Staff Writer 16 November 2021

Demand for fake vaccination cards appears to be on the rise in South Africa, with several reports noting incidents in which people request fake vaccination cards in order to be able to travel, and even cases in which... FULL STORY >


Cybercriminals using Microsoft's popularity against unsuspecting targets

By Staff Writer 10 November 2021

Microsoft remains one of the most impersonated brands in intelligent phishing scams, making it increasingly important for companies to protect and prevent against these attacks FULL STORY >


Phishing attacks on the decline but spam email is still a threat

By Staff Writer 14 September 2021

While phishing attacks have been waning in Africa, spam email is still going strong, according to the latest reports. FULL STORY >


Ready, set, scam: Top-5 schemes cybercriminals are running amid the Olympic Games

By Staff Writer 28 July 2021

With the Olympic Games underway, cybercriminals are going for gold in a different sense - by instigating various online fraud schemes. FULL STORY >


Kaspersky: These are the messenger apps with the most phishing

By Staff Writer 13 July 2021

Newly released data from Kaspersky has shown the prevalence of phishing on messenger apps - and which ones are being the hardest hit. FULL STORY >

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