Google reveals most popular searches in 2017

By Ryan Noik 13 December 2017

The annual Google Year in Search was revealed today, with the South African version focusing on top trending South African searches, personalities, recipes, TV shows and services that are nearby. FULL STORY >


Neural networks better at detecting sexual orientation than humans

By Staff Writer 8 September 2017

As we speed down the artificial intelligence path, research findings will continue to pop up that makes us question how this will be used in future. Here’s the latest: Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at... FULL STORY >


Snow, taxi strike and Grace Mugabe trend in local Google search

By Staff Writer 18 August 2017

The cold front that hit SA on Wednesday, football, the latest taxi strike and Grace Mugabe trended on Google SA this week as winter made a determined resurgence. FULL STORY >


Mozilla-backed research reveals expanding internet access is not for everyone in South Africa

By Press Release 1 August 2017

South Africa was one of the four countries participating in a Mozilla-backed research, carried out by Research ICT Africa, which aims to understand, from a comparative perspective, how citizens use the... FULL STORY >


The act of Reading delivers a focused and engaged consumer - Publisher Research Council

By Press Release 12 May 2017

The Publisher Research Council's (PRC) latest South African research - Media View shows that although consumers may not be spending as much time reading as engaging with broadcast media, the time spent... FULL STORY >


South African companies need to adopt a ‘digital first’ mind-set

By Press Release 4 May 2017

Accenture Strategy managing director, Joost de Haas, says there is immense pressure on businesses to remain ahead of the digital curve. FULL STORY >


Global research shows tech savvy businesses grow, differentiate, compete and flex better when they commit to technology

By Press Release 7 April 2017

A third of small businesses that have a significant focus on digitally innovating their business reported growth of more than 10% last year, according to a report conducted by... FULL STORY >


CIO research shows hybrid cloud model dominates, storage and backup are top cloud use cases

By Press Release 22 March 2017

NetApp surveys 750 IT leaders about cloud adoption, security, and general data protection regulation. FULL STORY >


New Prey trailer details Typhon Research and the Talos I infestation

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 17 March 2017

How did the Mimics take over Talos I in Prey? The latest trailer for the game may offer some clues. FULL STORY >


Google is making its search algorithm better at spotting offensive results

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 16 March 2017

By using its human "quality raters". FULL STORY >


Study indicates majority of South African consumers are concerned about data security and privacy

By Press Release 15 March 2017

Results of an international study from Verint Systems have shown that concerns around data privacy and security remain at the top of the consumer agenda. FULL STORY >


Innovation is switching from a product focus to differentiating the customer experience finds Accenture

By Press Release 30 November 2016

With $1 Billion in revenues up for grabs, leading companies are moving beyond products to create a superior connected customer experience. FULL STORY >


Microsoft Underground Tour: Research projects uncovered

By Ryan Noik 11 November 2016

The second part of the behind the scenes look at Microsoft Research focused on practicalities, with the potential of predicting weather phenomena, the future of growing food and placing data centres in unexpected locations being among some... FULL STORY >


Microsoft Underground Tour: Into the research labs

By Ryan Noik 11 November 2016

With the foundations laid, and its renewed culture explained, Microsoft’s attention on our tour then turned to its research department. Here is where we began to see Microsoft’s promise that it had become more innovative take more tangible... FULL STORY >


KPMG: Over half of consumers have decided against an online purchase due to privacy concerns

By Press Release 3 November 2016

Companies who fail to see privacy as a fundamental business priority risk crossing the ‘creepy line’. FULL STORY >

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