Organisations must consider the need for a highly secure and effective authorisation and authentication process

By Industry Contributor 5 July 2022

By Hayden Sadler, Country Manager for South Africa at Infinidat FULL STORY >


Implementing security best practices to maintain integrity at the edge

By Staff Writer 1 July 2022

By George Senzere, Solution Architect: Secure Power at Schneider Electric FULL STORY >


Why securing your business information is now more important than ever

By Staff Writer 24 June 2022

By Carl Stoop, business development manager – Check Point Software at Drive Control Corporation (DCC) FULL STORY >


The Cybersecurity Consolidation Conundrum: Why Less is Sometimes More

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

While employees and organisations are busy settling into remote or hybrid working, cybersecurity professionals continue to grapple with the challenges that come with a rapidly expanding network perimeter. Pankaj Bhula from... FULL STORY >


Building Resilience through Cybersecurity and Governance for Metaverse Experiences

By Industry Contributor 23 June 2022

Nicole Reineke, Vice President of Innovation, Iron Mountain, discussing how organisations can build resilience through cybersecurity and governance as Web 3.0 and the creation of the metaverse comes to the fore. FULL STORY >


Demystifying Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure

By Industry Contributor 20 June 2022

Country lead for Trellix SA Carlo Bolzonello, unpacks the far-reaching consequences of cyber-attacks and breaks down the provisions and limitations of current legislation. FULL STORY >


5G security standards improve on their predecessors

By Industry Contributor 14 June 2022

By Syed Jawad Imam Jafri, Cyber Security and Privacy Officer (CSPO), Huawei South Africa FULL STORY >


The greatest phishing fails of 2022 surfaces

By Staff Writer 10 June 2022

KnowBe4 has released its latest report on top-clicked phishing emails of 2022 – with some eye-opening findings. FULL STORY >


Interview with Kaspersky: Shining light on the local cyber security landscape

By Ryan Noik 7 June 2022

Cyberthreats and cybersecurity are dynamic, constantly changing and keeping every business on its toes. TechSmart’s Ryan Noik and Amir Kanaan, the Managing Director for Middle East, Turkey, and Africa at Kaspersky... FULL STORY >


SA public sector a choice target for cyber extortion

By Staff Writer 2 June 2022

South Africa’s public sector is a prime target for cyber criminals, thanks to its efforts to digitise public service, while lacking resources and skills to properly secure it. FULL STORY >


The mind-boggling puzzle of cybersecurity

By Industry Contributor 2 June 2022

Keeping pace with all the tools and technologies that provide protection from the cybersecurity onslaught can be overwhelming, but not impossible, says Colin Thornton, Chief Commercial Officer at Turrito Networks. FULL STORY >


Ready Player One for VR?

By Staff Writer 27 May 2022

Are we ready for full immersion into VR? Kaspersky has weighed in with some predictions on the risks and potential of virtual reality. FULL STORY >


Addressing cybersecurity and climate change for a sustainable society

By Industry Contributor 26 May 2022

As leaders from around the world get together at Davos to discuss the critical issues that are impacting the sustainability of our planet and society, they must consider both climate change and cybersecurity as integral to... FULL STORY >


Be on guard as Russia’s war on Ukraine could have global cybersecurity consequences

By Staff Writer 24 May 2022

There is growing concern that the sanctions imposed on Russia could force cyber crime syndicates to think outside the box, potentially leading to a rise in cybercrimes, warns Martin Potgieter, Nclose’s... FULL STORY >


A year-long Chinese Cyber Espionage Campaign in Russia now targets Defence Research Institutes

By Staff Writer 24 May 2022

Check Point Research (CPR) has detected an ongoing, cyber espionage operation targeting Russian defence research institutes. FULL STORY >

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