News Roundup- Facebook most popular US site

By Hanleigh Daniels 19 March 2010

This week Americans gave Facebook another notch in its belt by making it their most popular destination to visit on the net. FULL STORY >


Holiday Web Time Wasters 2009

By Thomas McKinnon 15 December 2009

Killing time over the holidays can be a tough task. We came across four sites that will keep you occupied for hours and get you through the December break if youre staying at home this year. FULL STORY >


Share entire folders in Google Docs

By Thomas McKinnon 13 October 2009

Google have finally released an update to Google Docs that lets users share folders of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. FULL STORY >


August Web Time Wasters

By Mike Joubert 11 August 2009

If you‘«÷ve got some time to kill online we‘«÷ve got a few suggestions‘«™ photo over-sharing, the most amazing site on the internet and F2P MMORPGs. FULL STORY >


Opera Unite

By Thomas McKinnon 17 June 2009

Opera Software have announced a new service called Opera Unite which allows users to share files, images and music directly with other Opera Unite users. FULL STORY >


P2P file-sharing

By Thomas McKinnon 12 June 2009

If you‘«÷ve ever used LimeWire or a BitTorrent site then you‘«÷ve engaged in file-sharing, and according to some you‘«÷re liable for prosecution. Moving beyond the legal realm, file-sharing is also an ethical issue. So we put it to you; is P2P file-sharing right or wrong? FULL STORY >


World Copyright Summit

By Thomas McKinnon 8 June 2009

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), headed by Robin Gibb of Bee Gees‘«÷ fame, is hosting the second World Copyright Summit this week in Washington DC. FULL STORY >


Scribd to open online store

By Thomas McKinnon 18 May 2009

The US based document sharing website Scribd is set to open a commercial channel this week. FULL STORY >


Full motion Internet

By Lance Terner 31 October 2008

last wrote about video sharing websites in April 2007, and then it was about video sharing in the context of social networking. Since then however, so much has changed and video sharing has gotten so much more popular and easier to do. FULL STORY >

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