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By John Wyer, EMEA Product Advisor, Zebra Technologies

It’s a tale as old as time: people (whether consumer-goods or enterprise decision makers) are naturally and helplessly attracted to beauty. However, looks can be deceiving.

Ever since the launch of the iPad, people have fallen in love with flashy, sleek and slim tablets. Their appeal hinges on their familiarity, sleekness and ease of use. However, assuming these beauties are equally fit for all uses is a mistake. When it comes to power, function and performance, consumer devices are no match for the rugged strength and durability of durable, fit-for purpose enterprise tablets.

 By way of design, consumer tablets are more delicate and fragile than their rugged enterprise competitors. They are not built to endure the knocks, bumps and weather that inevitably come with use in the business world, requiring replacement and repair more frequently. While consumer tablets often come with an eye-catching price tag at the point of purchase, over the course of a typical 36 or 60-month deployment, consumer products will have a higher cost of ownership.

The lifetime of an enterprise tablet is typically at least five years with the appropriate use, by which time most consumer devices have wilted like a rose.

Businesses require processing for enterprise-grade devices that can seamlessly run business-critical processes without error or failure. The best enterprise tablets are also designed with the needs of their users in mind, with options to meet specific needs and accessories which allow features such clear consistent voice activation or 2D and 3D barcode scanning. Picking correctly will lift the performance of the whole business while making the wrong choice will leave workers frustrated and less productive.

New Breed of DNA

 Zebra has engineered Mobility DNA to transform Android, the world’s most popular consumer operating system, into an enterprise-ready tool. Zebra’s Mobility DNA provides enterprise tablets with better productivity, simpler management including real-time visibility, and seamless operating system (OS) integration into new and legacy infrastructures.

Zebra’s ET5X series tablets are a perfect example of an enterprise device that can be a true hero for businesses. Conceived with use by businesses indoors and in the field, they have a range of enterprise features – including Mobility DNA - to complement your team and work within your field of expertise. For example:

·        Natural operation: As well as a shoulder strap and belt holster, the ET5x has a rotating hand strap. This makes the tablet wearable and allows it to be easily carried and moved with one hand, keeping the other free.

·        High-performance data capture: An optional imager is available as part of the “expansion back”. Using the rotating handle, users can easily orientate the tablet in the approximate direction of a barcode and, through two conveniently placed buttons, capture data with one hand. The high-performance imager captures NFC tags and all types of barcodes or RFID codes including those that are torn, faint, scratched and otherwise compromised, for fast, accurate and uninterrupted data capture.

·        Perpetual power: Most devices in industrial and retail settings are used over an 8- to 10-hour period. And when shared across teams, they can be in use continuously.  The auxiliary battery pack is swappable with a wide range of charging cradles.

·        Mobility optimized chipset: Zebra’s ET5x series balance power and performance with a run cooler that avoids the need for open air vents which can accumulate dust and dirt, avoiding build-up that can curtail operational lifetime.

·        Choice of Android or Windows: Allowing businesses to choose the operating system (OS) that is right for their technology strategy – Windows 10 or Android 6.0.1. Every Android ET5X series tablet also ships with Mobility Extensions (Mx), adding features that transform Android from a consumer to true enterprise-class OS.

·        Till the last petal falls: Zebra’s software security solution, LifeGuard, extends the lifecycle of the ET5x series by providing security support for years after the 36 months provided by consumer OS devices. LifeGuard also shares predictable periodic security updates and provides legacy OS security support when transitioning to a newer OS; lowering the total cost of ownership.

The moral of this tale is that if you are serious about finding a device that can genuinely improve business operations and support the needs of your staff, be sure to remember that true beauty can be found in powerful features, excellent design, and above all – the understanding of your true enterprise needs.  

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