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Ergonomic and efficient workspaces continue to enhance productivity in office, commercial, administrative and industrial environments, with mobile shelving forming a primary part of this paradigm. APC Storage Solutions SA is set to increase its support of the European-manufactured Movibloc bulk filing system, introducing a faster, more efficient installation service of tailored storage solutions with enhanced aesthetic and functional possibilities.

The Movibloc is a robust, versatile bulk filing system that can be customised to the unique requirements of each storage application. By eliminating the need for dedicated static access aisles, the Movibloc significantly increases space available for item storage through a mobile base system. This mobile base system opens individual shelving lanes only as and when required, and can be, according to the weights of each shelf, configured for electric, manual and manual mechanical access.

In addition to increasing storage densities with a high degree of organisational order and neatness, Movibloc offers a high level of protection from dust contamination through high-quality seals located on the front, top, side and back of each opening.

The Movibloc can be configured to accommodate up to eight bays deep, offering significantly larger storage potential than other bulk filing solutions on the market. The shelving bays can be configured to standard widths of 750 mm, 1 000 mm and 1 250 mm; depths of 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 1 000 mm; and heights of between 1 000 mm and 2 500 mm, as determined by customer storage requirements.

Movibloc has diverse application possibilities, and with the increasing costs of prime space rentals, is being utilised in the storage of a variety of different goods.

APC storage solutions

Showcasing new possibilities for mobile archiving

As part of its enhanced support of the Movibloc, APC Storage Solutions SA has established a dedicated Movibloc bulk filing showroom in which it will showcase the various configurations, sizes, locking and rail mechanisms, new veneered finishes and accessories available to its African customers.

In addition to the conventional melamine finishes of the Movibloc, APC Storage Solutions SA has partnered with a local supplier of wooden veneers to provide an array of additional finishes, including beach, maple, oak and cherry wood, in order to provide a more attractive shelving system that is accurately matched to the aesthetics of the surrounding furniture. APC Storage Solutions SA also offer unique painted steel finishes.

The Movibloc can be installed along three different base options to best suit customer requirements: a top-mounted floor rail; an embedded rail; and a mobile base. The mobile base does not feature any mechanical fastening to the floor, but is rather kept in place through the weight of the shelving system installed upon it. This option is thus ideal for less permanent applications.

The cataphoretic coatings applied to the Movibloc shelving uprights also distinguish the APC Storage Solutions SA product from its competitors, and provide a maximum degree of resistance to corrosive environmental forces for a rated period of over 50 years.

Through accruing large stock of the Movibloc, APC Storage Solutions SA will be able to deliver far shorter lead times for installations.

As organisations continue to streamline their internal operational processes, APC Storage Solutions SA’s Movibloc is providing enhanced item management for more efficient business operations.



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