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Acer Africa has introduced Synergy, a bespoke rewards based program which will assist its partners to reach its internal and sales goals. The objective of Synergy is to motivate resellers to reach certain targets every quarter and offering tools like incentives and training to make these goals achievable. 

It’s no secret that getting your reseller partners personally invested in selling your products is good for business, and the Acer reseller team of Shannon Naidu, Ivan Eve and Jack Mainetja has worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless program that is user friendly. Acer’s business model has an exclusive focus on the channel, and it is designed to support partners to meet their customer needs. Not only does the portal perform goal orientated functions but Acer representatives are assigned to each client ensuring that each project performs optimally and achieves its end goal.

The program has become an integral part of Acer’s success and included into the everyday workings of the company with dedicated staff managing the portal on a daily basis ensuring every reseller is effectively targeted and looked after.  “Synergy is designed for all our partners and its customers at all levels. The offer relies on compelling tools and channel programs that are specifically designed to facilitate business and communication,” says Naidu. The brand has always been dedicated to the development and advancement of the digital age, contemporary design and technology and continues this assurance by offering the best to the customer and encouraging brand loyalty and education of its plight in the market.

In addition the Acer’s Synergy Partner Program, provides a wide range of benefits and instruments designed to market Acer’s products and solutions effectively and to maximise opportunities. Acer’s Synergy Partner Program facilitates a successful collaboration with partners, in order to deliver market-leading solutions for the commercial market.

“We strive to provide the best possible outcome throughout the fiscal year as well as ensuring a seamless transition between campaigns,” says Mainetja. The assigned Account Manager evaluates the system judiciously and monitors behavioural patterns on a daily basis. The aim is to encourage resellers to meet their quarterly targets and promote healthy competition in the market. This is further motivated by incentive driven tactics. Acer keeps its incentives attainable for all resellers with additional benefits for top sellers keeping them motivated and engaged in the program.

Partner Rebates

Synergy utilises a tiered rebate system:

  • Synergy Silver: Acer spend of R0 – R299 999 per quarter
  • Synergy Gold: Acer spend of R300 000.00 – R1 999 999 per quarter
  • Synergy Platinum: Acer spend of R2 000 000 > per quarter

In addition to this, there are partner rebates which are incorporated in one part of the benefits system. Partner rebates assist in boosting the bottom line. Synergy Gold partners receive 1% rebate while Synergy Platinum partners receive 2% rebate. These are paid directly to partners based on their performance in the calendar quarter throughout the year in the form of cash.

Reliability Promise

Acer aims to align its reward system to the values of the company as a whole. The back bone of Acer is its Reliability Promise. Acer products are built and tested to last, incorporating innovative features designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This allows the customer to claim 100% refund of the full price paid if your Acer device develops a fault and is repaired under warranty within the first year.

Fast Lane

The Acer Synergy Fast Lane assists in boosting the bottom line which is open to all synergy partners and provides support up to 200 units (notebooks, desktops, 2 in 1 devices). This incentive offered by the platform allows partners to be paid directly form Acer.

Depending on which level (Sliver, Gold, Platinum) each partner qualifies for, they will receive different benefits/support from the different categories: 

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Sales support
  • Training
  • Business

The Acer Synergy program is open for all resellers to join besides retailers. According to Acer Africa since the Synergy platform was introduced last year, the company has grown by 15%. There has been a total increase of 121% in total logins, a 4.4% increase in page views, with the best performance pages being Benefits and Best4Business which experienced a 238% increase.

Why Partner with Acer

Synergy partners receive a monthly update of price lists and Disti Promos. Committed to a channel business model, Acer acknowledge the importance of the partnership with resellers who share the company’s ambition for growth and sustainable business. As the resource centre for Acer partners, Synergy provides performance tracking, promotions, training, marketing materials and several custom tools.



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