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The new Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900-Q32 platform brings higher performance and scalability to the Enterprise network with innovative Intelligent Fabric technology. As part of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises out-of-the-box solution, Intelligent Fabric technology brings network agility while drastically reducing the overhead to deploy and maintain the network.      

The following new capabilities are provided by the OmniSwitch 6900-Q32 platform:

  • High port density (32-port 40GbE or up to 128-ports of 10GbE), double the capacity and half the latency of existing OmniSwitch 6900 family members.
  • Versatile system with flexible deployment options, ideal for right-sizing the converged campus network or providing a scalable, cost-effective Data Centre Switching solution.
  •  Simplified deployment in minutes, rather than days or weeks.  Innovative Intelligent Fabric technology automates deployment and adds/move/changes of the network and access switches and other devices connecting to it, significantly reducing the OPEX burden.
  • Scalability with minimal investment and overhead - virtual chassis provides single management of up to six units and Intelligent Fabric technology automates addition of new units into the virtual chassis.
  • Mix and Match other OmniSwitch 6900 platforms to provide the industry’s most flexible Pod and Mesh design for Data Centre networks.
  • Ease management burden with automation of VXLAN Gateway and overlay support for application control over both virtual and physical network.
  • Integrated Virtual Machine Mobility capabilities delivers visibility and QoS across VXLAN and physical network – and automates network reconfiguration due to adds/moves/changes of applications.
  • Full Data Centre features set.
  • Future-proof standard-based technology with full SDN programmability for easy integration into workflow automation systems and provides choice for best of breed technologies.  
  • Limited lifetime warranty for lower support costs and peace of mind.

At a glance

  • High Performance 32 port 40GbE Core or Data Center Switch doubles the capacity at half the latency.
  • Deployment reduced from ‘hours and days’ to just minutes with innovative Intelligent Fabric technology, available in all OmniSwitch 6900 and OmniSwitch 10K families.
  •  VXLAN Overlay and hardware-based VXLAN Gateway provides the unique capability to provide integrated application QoS across the virtual and physical networks.
  • Automated recognition for adds/moves/changes of applications and devices (whether on the physical or virtual network) eliminates costly, time consuming manual network reconfiguration.
  • Mix and Match OmniSwitch 6900 family members in same virtual chassis (Pod) to provide the industry’s most flexible solution.
  • Full SDN programmability for ease-of-integration with orchestration systems. 


Seamus Crehan, Crehan Research

“The pace of innovation in networking continues to increase. Products that ease deployment for IT via automation while delivering advanced technologies in a practical and valuable way are the networks of the future. Innovative capabilities that meet these requirements, like the latest from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, will help IT departments keep up with business objectives and outcome goals.”

Industry acknowledgement

Industry Analyst firm Current Analysis gave the OmniSwitch product family, which also includes the OmniSwitch 6900-Q32, a rating of “Very Strong” in an earlier report for its innovative capabilities, tied for the top position amongst industry peers.





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